Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Wordless Wednesday

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Did yoo get it?
Hehehe! Did you biff it one?
very strange.... I will wonder it as well!
Oooh the spider!!

did yoo find da spider?

You look very serious there...
Oh no! Not that spider again! I'll never get that woman back to the monitor!!!
Eric and Flynn, thanks for coming by our blog. It must be really nice to live where you can walk in some fields. It looks so pretty there. That spider is scary!
Flynny finster, did you catch it?
Wow... I nefer thot of twisting my head like that to see things on my beans' screen better. I'll practice now!

Can you see it better that way, Flynn?
Can you see it better that way, Flynn?
Oooh, that looks very scary. I don't think my mom will let me look at anything like that...she's afraid of spiders!
Oooh, creepie crawlies on the monitor. We wish Mom would get us one!
mommy's skin is crawling. or so she says. it looks normal to us but she does look like she wants to throw up - spiders make her spastic.

Yeah, Mum thought Colby looked just like you too when she first met him.
Dang! There's that spider again!
Did yoo get it? Did yoo get it?

(Mommy keeps play wif the snake. Silly Mommy.)
POUNCE....OH, maybe not! tee hee=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
I eat spiders. They're delicious. Did you eat your spider? FAZ
We gave up, we smashed it, whapped it even tried to eat it and nothing would stop it! Stoopid spider.
Oh I want to play with spider! That looks fun.
That spider really gets around!
Get it!!! We have little kitty paw prints on our computer screen from when our computer had a spider in it.
I love it! Go, Flynn!

Hey, I can see up your nose!
Ha ha ha ha!!!
Those "flat spiders" must be very frustrating.
Spider! did you chase it long!
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