Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tummy Tuesday

When we go for walks, I always have to come here on the dirt and roll. Mum sez 'Eric, why do you always roll in the dirt when we come back?' I don't answer her cuz I don't know why I do it, it just feels good.

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Watch out! My human is coming to rub that kitty belleh!
My Momma gets mad 'cause I do the same thing!! She REALLY didn't like it whenI rolled in the fresh pile of red dirt! Heehee!!!
~Kiara (Meeko, too!)
Your tummy is adorable!
Oah I always love seeing Eric showing his tummy~!
Simply cute cute cute~
I'll bet that dirt feels good! gets to the itchy places!
I like a nice dirty roll too.
Oh rolling in dirt feels so good. When we go out that is what we love to do to. We will go for a walk and roll in the gutters on the street. Your belly looks really big and fluffy at this angle.
-Patches and Nemo
Rolling in the dirt looks like fun!
I like rolling in the middle of the footpath outside, I finks cause there is a lot of gravel stuff on it.

Ginger and gravel is the perfect mix!

Purrs Goldie
yea ... mi brudder mickey hazzta roll in da dirt, too.
Oh that looks like it feels so good!
Whenevery I manage to sneak out, that is one of the first things I do. It feels so good to roll in the dirt. You have a very snorgley tummy.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Yeah, a little dirt in the furs does feel good....
'cause dirt cleans your furs! hee hee
'cause it didn't itch on the way there...
There's nothing like rolling in a bit of dirt. I sometimes come home covered in dust hehe!

Purrs, Sukie x
Mum is trying to pet your belly through the computer... she says if the grass were green here, she'd be out rolling in it like the horsies!
There's nothing better than rolling in the dirt!

Your pal,
Dirt rolling does feel amazing!!!! I can't wait to get some out of doors time.

If it feels good, do it! We do!
Sometimes that's reason enough right there.
My mom used to say the same thing. Humans should try it. Then they'd understand.
Eric...we want to see you make a stone angel.....you know, like snow angels! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
There is absolutely nothing like a good dirt bath!!!! Enjoy, Eric!
Eric, I think you do it to unwind, I sure do like your colors.
Rolling around in the dirt looks like fun!
We gave you an award today. Stop by our blog to claim it.
-Patches and Nemo
Ooooo watch out da mom wants to rub yer belleh.
We bet rolling around in that dirt feels so good to your back!

Thanks so much for the purrs for Cal! We appreciate them so very much!
hahah a rock n roll massage!!
haha get it Rock (rocks and ravela nd stuff...and roll..) ok you got it... :P hehe

And if it feels good, just do it!
Whoa, Eric...that could qualify as a "Widebody Wednesday" picture!
It's a mancatly thing to do ;-)
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