Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Tummy and Toesies Tuesday

With all the cold weather, I am spending most of my time on our vishus deer bed. Mum thinks she has been clever getting my photo without me walking off. I knew she was there but didn't let on. It suited me to stay here.

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Such happiness look~! Eric~!
Michico wants to hug you!
That vishus deer looks very comfy to nap on. Maybe vushus deer aren't all bad after all. Your tummy and toes are irresistably adorable.
Ah you look so cozy on that bed.

i knoos yoo juss 'let' yur mum git yur pixchur ... sumtimes we juss hafta to let dem git der way!

You look very cute.
Nice going playing sleepy!
I allow MB to take photos of me when I'm napping, but they soon get bored with that he he!

Purrs, Sukie x
Oh, I've heard all about your snows. I kinda wish it would snow here too, so my beans could have a snow day and stay home from work and lavish attention on me, me, me! But the chances of that happening are very slim in winter, let alone summer...
We likes that vishus deer bed! you looks so good on it!
Eric we has been reading about how England is buried in snow. We will send you a spade, so you can dig your way out. On second thoughts, you should stay in bed and keep warm.

Keep safe and warm.

i wanna hug the full tummy! yummy eheheh
Eric, you look so cozy there! Are you all enjoying your snow?
I just love the different way you kitties sleep. Pooh Bear sleeps on his head, or with his hands folded like a praying mantis. You guys look so comfy when you sleep - makes me jealous.
Awww so cute and cozy :)
It's raining/snowing here today, so I'll be checking the beds. Wanna help?
I bet that vishus deer bed is super comfy!
As always, I'm eternally jealous of the vishus deer bed.

I think there must be something magical in that deer skin that helps you sleep real good!
Our dad thinks its funny when we don't move but just crack our eyes open and follow him as he walks by.
That vishus deer bed looks like the perfect place to spend the winter!
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