Wednesday, February 18, 2009


See my Back.

Eric: It's been quite sunny today and not so cold, so I enjoyed my walk in the fields looking at the snowdrops on the way.

Uh-oh, there she is and I just know she has got that darned flashy box with her.

She knows how to spoil my walk. I will just turn my back on her.

You still there? Take that flashy thing away will you.

See my back? Well, that is what I think of you and your camera mum.

Flynn: Don't worry mum, I will face the camera for you, because I am your handsome little man.

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Eric, some of us feel the same way you do about the flashy box. Then there are a few of us who like to ham it up for the flashy box, like Flynn!

Flynn, we love those owlish ears in that picture!
Hee hee hee~~
Very good to do for the flashy box~!!!
You guys just keep hanging around~!! Relax for the comfy day~
I know what you mean about the flashy box. Seems like Mom is always using it. Lately she hasn't been using it on me. It's Cleo's turn. Looks like you two had a real nice day walking. It rained all day here. We sure needed it though. Still not enough yet to break the drought.

Opposites, are you? Well, at least you can all be happy. Flynn likes to pose and mom likes to take pix. And Eric likes to be left out of photos.
Aww Flynn you is such a good boy! :))
I can see that you is listening to your momma too :)

Flynn is a poser! ha ha
Flynn how nice that you are posing for the camera.
Eric, upi hace a good looking back! Eric, what a good boy to take the spotlight for both of you!
You are so lucky you have sun. Forget cameras! Go enjoy the nicer weather!
Eric I do not like the kamera either. I often trys to run away or turn my back like you.

Flynn you are a beautifool poser.
That's a lovely pose for your Mommy Flynn!
Eric, you're lucky you got Flynn to pose for the picture...did you pay him in treats???
We fink yoo must have bribed Flynn to pose too. How many mousies did it cost?
That's the way to do it Eric! He he!

Purrs, Sukie x
Why do humans love the flashy box? I'm glad you turned your back...they need to learn to stop flashing us so much!
You are both handsome in my opinion


p.s. I've seen that advertisement too with my name of the numberplate. I took a picture of it on the telly but it's not me driving sadly. I couldn't reach the pedals. FAZ
Ahhh... Snowdrops.

The PM planted some last Fall. I can't wait until we get a chance to go looking for them!!!
If it makes the humans happy I see no problem in posing for a few shots.

Nice pictures, even though you turned your back.

Eric, I'm sorry your Mum spoiled your walk. Maybe you should hide the flashy box from her.
wow, you've really great weather over there in the uk. enjoy your walk, guys! ;-)
Ahhh Flynn you are a charmer!

Flynn looks so cute with those owlish ears. Enjoy your walk! Is spring coming? I can see flowers!
The flashy box will follow you until it gets some good shots, so I think Flynn has the right idea.
Alfie is a pest wiv the camera ... Mom says he moves too fast to get a good picshure.

But I like to be Mom's handome little man and model for the camera too.

Milo xx
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