Thursday, February 12, 2009


New Blog

Mum has wanted to update our blog for ages but she is afraid of messing things up, so she has started a new blog for us. She is still trying it out at the moment but you can see it here. Don't worry, she is keeping this, our original blog, so you can still visit us whenever you want to see any of our older posts.
We will keep posting here until she is completely happy with the new one, and will probably duplicate some of the posts onto it for a while. Go and have a look at it and tell us what you think.


Looks good!
We are going over there now.

Thank you for entering our Name the Wabbit competition by leaving a comment. We made £29 for the Hillside Animal Sanctuary the the winning name was Hopkins entered by Sunny's Mommy.

This is deja-vu 'cos we just left a comment on your nice new bloggie!
It's a lovely blog! I have subscribed already :O)
I subscribed to your new blog. I don't see a place to follow on this one though. I got the same award. Congratulations.
What's in the hay? besided you ?

We like the new blog and have added it to our reader.
Oh, yes, we like it. But then again, any blog with you two in it is the cat's meow!
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