Monday, February 16, 2009


Mancat Monday

I've been helping dad to move bales of straw from the barn to the little shed with his little tractor. This tractor is a Ferguson T20 and is often known by people as the 'Little Grey Fergie.' Although it is very old, nearly as old as dad, he still uses it on the farm for different things because it can get in places his big tractor can't, and when the fields get very muddy in the winter, the little tractor doesn't make as much of a mess.

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Dearest Eric,
Oh, your dad is so lucky to have such a good helper! We're sure he probably wouldn't be able to get it all done without your help...even with the Little Grey Fergie! You are a very good boy!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
WOW - you are a great helper Eric!
Happy belated Valentine to you and Flynn!
Awwww Eric, you and dad are sharing some manlove on the tractor. You boyz are the greatest. We smile every day when we visit with you.

Julie and Poppy Q
A mancat and his dad! That is so special!!!
You are doing a fine job of helping out!
There is very much to be said for old things! They certainly out last the "young'ins" :)
We just love this picture of you and your Dadda!!!
It's makes us feel all googley inside, likes you want to help your dadda with his work :))

Eric, you are so lucky you get to help your Daddy drive the tractor! What a big helper you are!
Oah Eric~!
You sure did a very cute big boy!!
I am so proud of you!
Wow! You're brave to get up in the tractor with your dad! Cute picture.
Well, if that is a small tractor we would be scared to see the big one!!!BTW, PLEASE stop by our Blog today to pick up your award!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Does your dad let you drive sometimes, Eric?? That would be fun!!!
you're a wonderful helper!
Your dad is real lucky to have such a helpful mancat like you around, Eric!
MomBean's old too, but she still runs too.
Your a good helper Eric what would the beans do without us :)
You are a brave and helpful mancat!
You're very brave to be on the tractor. I think the noises tractors make would make me go the other way, even if I wanted to help Dad.

And I think AOL was conspiring against you in the Valentine's contest.
Tractors are very manly!
Oh my! You got to ride on a tractor!!! I bet it was fun.

Purrs, Sukie x
COOL you get to help with the tractor, that is just amazing. what would dad do without you!
Eric, you are a hard working mancat! And I love seeing pictures of you with your Daddy :-)
Some tractors seem to last forever, and Eric you look like a good helper and very pretty.
What a great pic of you and your dad!! So sweet!!

I wish I was allowed around heavy machinery....

purrs Goldie
So good of you to help the humans. Ours absolutely adore this picture!
Great pic wiv your Dad. We love the tractor.
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