Monday, February 02, 2009


Mancat Monday

When you are out walking, sometimes you can smell where an introoder has been. It is the job of a mancat to put his own smell there and hide the introoder smell. It is very impawtunt to put your smell in the right place, so it is a good idea to get your brother to watch you have got your aim right. It is also very impawtunt not to get your brother wet.

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That is a very important job! But just be careful not to do that inside the house. Mom's get very mad!
Oh boy!!! I canz commizearte on dis one. & dat iz furry good of you nots to gets one of youz wet. Me & my brudder MAxi somez time puts it evfurry where, so dats strangerz do nots come in. Of coursee, if da momee iz bein' bad & nots helpin' us blog, I justee puts it in her pursee or her breef-case!
Oh my! I think MB is glad that we are all girl cats. She does not like that smell. Then it's not meant for them so who cares what MB likes, that's what I say!

Purrs, Sukie x
You guys are doing very important mancat work. I am thinking your post should me Mencat or is it Mancats at work?
Two very good points! Such good mancats to keep out introoders
Looks dicey!
Don't squirt your bro!
Oah My~!
I think your brother is very nice telling you if you aim correct~!
But I think you have already got perfect aim skill~
Hmmm that is going to be a stinky concrete pile.
Yeah, I think the most important part is not to get your brother wet!!!
Your aim is purrty good! We think you missed your brother...
Hahaha, you two are a real team!

You don't seem to have any snow. We've got loads here! :) xxx
Bwhahaha! Yoo two jus crack us up! Seriously tho, it is impawtant to mark yur spot so da introoders know who is boss.
hahahahahaha - that's great advice!
Yeah cause your brofurr may not like getting wet! Great advice and very mancatly!!!
Heh heh! Good rule!

Very important mancat stuff!! It's a great rule to follow!
Oh aim certainly is a good thing to has, and yoo certainly gots good aim!
Hey, are you going potty!?!?
That is a very important job! It's good that you two are there to keep the humans safe from all the intruders!
That's a very important job! You have to keep those intruders out of your yard!
Eric. Some advice. Try cocking your leg next time, helps the aim!!!!!!

Wags, Eric xxxx
That should definitely get the message across to introoders. Flynn must really trust your aim.
Hey, if you biggify that picture, you can tell that your aim is spot on! Good goin', guys!
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