Monday, February 09, 2009


Mancat Monday - On Patrol.

Brrrr, this stuff is cold to my feet but I need to go over to Flynn.

Okay Flynn, I'm on my way to take over guard duty. On the other side of this hedge there is a shed with straw in it. Mr. Ratty has moved in underneath and we can't get at him. We have to wait and wait and hope he will come through the hedge into our waiting jaws.

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Oh wowie you guys is so brave! Not only contending with my ratty but also.. ALL those snowy flakes falling on your beautiful furrs!.. gbvvvrrrrr allright! ;)
You two are great guards!
Uh oh... ice pawz!!!! Run you guysez... run fur da housee! Evfun if Mr Rat sneeks a kibbull frum your bowl... you don'ts wants to gets da dredded ICE PAWZ!!!
You sure are brave to battle both the rat and the white stuff!
Wow! I hope that you don't get too colds feeties (or four colds feeties), then you wouldn't be able to chase Mr. Ratty!
You be careful of Mr Ratty. they can bite!
Oh no! Don' tlet your feet get too cold.
Hope you two didn't get too cold while you were outside, that really made me get the chills. If Mr Ratty knows what is good for him he will stay under the shed.
I see you did get some snow, but keep those paws warm.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these brave kitties in the hunt for fresh mousie meat.
You 2 are both mighty hunters and watchers~!!
What 2 mancats brotherS!
Looks a bit chilly there boys. I hope you catch a rat.
We hope you don't hafta wait long for Mr. Ratty to come out!
Yikes! You are hunting in the snow! What fortitude you boys have! We hope you catch Mr. Ratty!

It looked like it was snowing the other day here, but it was pollen blowing around.

-Gandalf and Grayson
You look like to work so hard in such cold weather...I hope my cats would catch rats like you even only a few!
Very mancatly - but don't get too cold, 'cos Mr Rat can always wait for a milder day!
Braving the cold snow for Mr. two are real Mancats!
You 2 are certainly dedicated to your guard duty! I wouldn't go out in that cold snow, even for guard duty.
We fink yoo is furry brave goin out in da wet freezing stuffs. Maybe the ratty took a nap while yoo stood guard?
Maybe you two should put some kitty boots on:)
Whoa - you guys gots white stuff on your grass! We've seen pictures of that stuff, but it's never happened here.

Flynn, sweetie, thank you fur the Catster Valentine! We finally got our Lady to put up a post today because she's neglected our blogging TERRIBLY. But the only thing she's neglected more than our blog is our Catster account. Thank you for the sweet Valentine and thank you also for REMINDING HER THAT OUR CATSTER ACCOUNTS NEED TO BE UPDATED! Sorry for yelling - I wanted to make sure she heard.

She's really looking forward to meeting your people later this year!

cold toesies stink!
Hmm, even Zippy stopped going out when it snows. She sez dat now dat she is an "old lady" she doesn't need it.
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