Saturday, February 28, 2009


Life is Grand Award

We have been awarded the Life Is Grand Award by Camie's Kitties.
Thank you very much. The rules are that we now need to tell you 5 reasons why we think life is grand and then pass it on to 5 more blogs.

1. We get to go out in the fields and hunt mousies.
2. We can sit in the window when it rains and watch all the fev-vers eating the bird seed.
3. Our Beans Zoom Groom us about 100 times a day if we get up on our cat tree. (Mum sez it seems like 100 times)
4. We are allowed out in the garden for as long as we like. Mum calls us in at 1 am when she goes to bed.
5. Flynn: Mum lets me sleep under the quilt with her.
Eric: Dad lets me sleep on his head. Well he doesn't complain too much.

We would like to tag:
Scooby, Shaggy and Scout,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon


Congrats on earning the Grand award. Keep up the good work!
HI YOU TWO!!!! Thanks for visiting our blog! We are so happy to be back among our friends!!!

Mommy sends lots of kisses to you both!
Yooo guyz are allowed out til 1am? Wow, I like to go to bed early most evenings, sometimes I stay up til 10.

Mum sniggered at the thought of Eric sleeping on your dads head.

You two deserve the award, I love reading your blog.
That is s neat picture > congratulations on the award!
Congratulations on a well deserved award.
Oh thanks boys! How nice and life is grand.
Congratulations on the award! Interesting picture!!
Well we think your life sounds very grand! So concatulations on an award well deserved.
Congrats on your awardie!
Oh buddies... hot dippity doo! You has THE best life!!!Though,... I is allowed under the covers.. and I hate my zoom groom sessions.. but guys.. the rest aaaahhhhhh
I like this awardie. You boys deserve it too! Both of you live a very grand life out there at Plymouth, Devon!
Today you have sunshine? How lovely, Here we are expecting some nasty weather.
Love always
Cool award! Congrats! And you two do have the grand life!
Congrats on your award. Looks like you are searching for something in the pic?
life iz grand fer u!
congratyoolashunz on yer award!
Congratulations on your award! You two do live a very grand life there on the farm and get to have those cool adventures.

We get lots of mousies brought in this house too and MB doesn't know if it's Mitzi or me that catches them he he!
The 9th Symphony please...
Thanks you guys!
We'll get to work on it.
Why do you only get groomed in the cat tree?
Congrats on the award. You do have a grand life! Lucky guys!!!! go to bed at 1am?...Rock and Roll.....
Congratulations on your award! It's very well deserved. You two do have a grand life indeed :-D
Concatulations on your award! We wish we could spend that much time outside:)
Congratulations on your Life is Grand Award Eric & Flynn! We are very pleased to meet you!Please stop by and visit us if you have a minute!
The Honorable Bernard Jameson
Mayor of Meowville, FL
Congratulations on our award. We have to agree that your life does look pretty grand. Eric, you are very sweet to keep your dad's head warm at night.
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