Saturday, February 07, 2009


Keeping Warm

I don't like all the very cold weather we are getting, so this is how I keep warm.

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Smart move. Hey, maybe Australia can have some of your colds and you can have some of our hots. Then we could all just be comfy.
Great place to be. Now all you need is some chocolate, marshmellows, and the grahmcracker and you will be set for a great treat!
That looks very toasty!
Ooooh, is that a wood stove? Break out the s'mores.
Mum and I are marvelling at your strange snowy weather in the UK.
Bet those tiles get nice and warm from the heat. Spring will be here soon...till then, dream about it Eric=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

ps,did you know that we live in Bedminster, right outside of Dublin.....Pa!
Great idea! Wish we had one of those stoves to keep warm with. We have the holes in the floor that blow out warm air, so that's good too. Hope it warms up for you guys soon!
The fireplace is the very bestest place in our house!
Nice fireplace you have~!
Very vERY Good way to keep you comfy!
We're with Sassy... let's do
S'mores and then do s'more
Oh a nice fire will help keep you toasty warm, Eric! Just don't get too close that you boil your brains! heehee!
Very sensible indeed!
I don't know how you stay up on your feet, Eric. All that heat would have me laid flat out on my side and kinda oozin' around like a puddle o' cat.
Good idea! Pull one of those fur rugs over closer to the fire, also!
That looks cozy! Lux has a great idea, move your deer blankie there, and you will be all set!
Oh yes... do you know that we just got a wood stove installed in our house and we burn logs all the time. I sit on the hearth, between the wall and the stove.

Did you enjoy the snow?
Dat is certainly a warm place to be wif all dat snow yoo's gettin! We like to sit on our beans beds wif the comfy kneedin blankets.
Eric, if I had one of those woodstoves in my house I would be right in front of it too!
It seems funny that while I am trying to keep cool, you are trying to keep warm.

I fink you need a nice cat bed by them bits of wood.

Stay warm and toasty my two friends.
Looks like a nice roasty toasty place for a cat!
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Great place to keep warm Eric! Don't get too close and burn your furs.
This would also be our favorite place... we have a radiator here which isn't that bad. :-)
That looks very warm. It is cold here, too!
~ KittyBoy
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