Friday, February 27, 2009


Friday Flashback

We are up to July 2007 already with our Friday Flashback This was when I was resting on the field roller after my walk. I was trying to get some peace and quiet but kept getting interrupted by............................


I just got back furrom a walk around the feelds. I fink I need to rest on this feeld roller. Oh! sumfing tickled me.

Huh yoo pesky fly, git off.

I'm warning yoo, I'm watching yoo.

Hahaha, stop it, yer tikkling me.

Neerly got yoo.

Thank goodness, peace at last.

Aaaargh are yoo back again?

Now I'm gitting reely mad.

He's gone, at least I can git on wiv washing my furrs.

All done now I can nap.

Oh no!!! Are yoo back again?

I will get yoo if it's the last fing I do.

Gotcha!!!! Yum yum.

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Cute photos and flies are yummy :)
I love those pictures of you and that invisible fly! I love to chase, and catch moths. They be yummy too!
Darn fly! At least you got him in the end!
hee hee~~
Great catching skill~!!
Ha ha ha! That made me laugh!

Purrs, Sukie x
That little fly is not as filling a a nice juicy mousie!
YUMMEEE we luvs to eat flies! We told our mummy that ur beans are goin to Hawaii and Vegas and she is very jeelos. She toold us dat heer and duddy won't be goin anywheer any tim soon cause they are brinnning anudder human into hour house -- yuck -- we dunn't like the little human we haf to share with now. So in August der will b anudder one.
Flies are really annoying!
Flies are annoying, but make great chasing toys, with the added bonus of being able to eat them.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Great story with a happy ending. Flies are very tasty!

That was a very funny and cute photo shoot Finny Finster. I think the flies will be flying back to you soon.

Have a good weekend on the farm. I hopes you get out and about in the fields with your mum.
That has to be aggravating. I know how you feel when there is something around that's playing hard to get. After all, there is this big piece of glass between me and all those birds outside in my tree. GrR!

Abby Normal
Flies are pretty dumb, aren't they, Flynn? You kept warning him and warning him, but he got eated up anyway.

-Gandalf and Grayson
Milo: I ated a fly once too.

Alfie: He did too!
That'll teach that pesky fly!!!
Great pictures! Silly did warn him!! Did he taste like chicken????
Flynn, we do hope that fly didn't stop off to eat at some poop dump before you consumed him! {{{giggle}}}=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
We heard that eating flies can give you worms! Maybe you should have your butt checked!
I do enjoy a good fly snack.

Great mancatly machinery!!!

Purrs Goldie
I just love edible entertainment!
hahah Protein! Those flies are so much fun, we loves to chase them aroundthe house.. pity momma does not let more in....
hehe it took awhile... you must haves been tired.. :P hahahha

How very irritating! When I see flies I smash them flat and then I eat them.
YUM flies are da best to eat fresh from outside. We loves to chase dem around the house too.
I bet that fly was very yummy!! My cat who came before loved to catch and eat moths. The cats we have now attempt to catch anything that might get indoors, but I haven't seen them actually catch anything.
This Is Beautiful
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