Friday, February 06, 2009


The Friday Flashback

The Friday Flashback this week comes from April 2007. Looking back at our posts, our older ones seem more interesting than now. Mum sez not to worry, it will get better when we go out more again. She sez she's running out of photos so we need to go out and do fun things.

Sumfing Moving in the Tree

We just got back furrom our walk, and we were tired out. Here we are just relaxing and having a baff.

Shhh Listen, sumfing's making a noise in the tree.

It's ok Flynn, I'll go and haf a look and see what's happening. I can't see ennyfing, but I'm shoor I can hear sumfing.

I'll look here too. I fink I can see movement. YES!!! I can see it. Quick Flynn come and look. It's........

A robin.

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awww that IS a cute post!

smiles, auntie bee
You guys have a lot of fun on your outdoor adventures!! We hope you get back out there real soon!
We love your adventures. You look like you have so much fun. We love how Flynn is sitting in the second picture. He sits like a bean would.
This is really great adventure~!!!!!
Very Very cool~!
we juss lub lub lub yur flashbaks!

Oooh a robin, did you two catch it?
We don't have robins in New Zealand, it was very cute (and might I say, tasty looking).

We has a friend called Finn, and we calls him Finny finster, that is where the name comes from. We are glad your mum likes Flynny finster. Makes you sound like you came out of a Dickens nove.
your posts are always interesting!
Mmmmm. Tasty. Robin.
I think it looks like a wonderful place to explore!
It's a snack!
You two have the best adventures...and you get to meet new friends...though we think that birdie looks more like lunch!
oh how fun!!! did you eat it?
We can't see it! Gandalf loves catching birdies, but he has never caught a robin before. errr... yet.

-Gandalf and Grayson
We can't wait until the birds return! We are expecting a very mild week with some of the snow melting away.
Oh man, I remember robins! Momma says we won't see them again for a while, though. I can't climb trees now, either, because it is Tundra outside. That is a grate flashback! Stop by my bloggie when you get a chance, buddies--I have an award for you!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That's a cute robin. I knew it must be a flash back coz there's no snow!

Purrs, Sukie x
Did you get the birdie?
Oh that was a nice memory. You two have not changed a bit!!
deer e + f,
did u know dat da male robin iz da one hoo sez da followin in da mornin:
"jeter, jeter, jeter, jeter, jeter, jete!"
it'z troo.
lissin nex time u see a robin!
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