Friday, February 20, 2009


Friday Flashback - A Walk on the Wild Side.

With all the snow everybody has been and still are getting, we thought we would have some wild flowers and sun in today's Friday Flashback. So here it is:


It wuz a nice sunny day, well no it wuz a furry hot day reely, so I deesidid to go furr a walk in the woods where it would be cooler.I looked furr Flynn to see if he wanted to come too, but he wuzn't around.

I heard a noise in the tree, but it wuz just too hot to climb up it. I just went a little way to haf a look.

Hello Mr. Squirrel, I can see yoo on the branch. Yoo better fink yerself lucky it's hot and I can't be bovvered to chase yoo. I fink I need to go to the stream furr a drink.

Oh hello Flynn, I wondered where yoo wuz. Yoo must haf been sleeping down here to try and keep cool. When I haf finished drinking I'll tell yoo about my walk and the squirrel I met.


hehe my momma was going 'aww and ahh' at the pretty wild flowers! They must be so much fun to play in and so many smells!
You guys just haves everything! even your very own water fountain!
*sigh* .... :))

Thanks for the flashback! Seeing the beautiful flowers was great.
We would love to come visit you guys in the U.K and go on all those fun adventures with you!
You have a stream too! You are so lucky! The flowers are so pretty! I can't wait until spring.
Nice flashback, guys. We like seeing warmer days when it's cold out here... oh btw, our human just saw a robin today in a nearby town, so maybe the robin will outrank the groundhog and spring will come early this year.
A squirrly?! A squirrly! Oh how exciting.
That is a nice flashback! It's nice to be able to smell the flowers.
I love the photos that you climb trees~!
We don't have trees to climb here,
I really admire your area~!
Great wild side photos! THanks for sharing!
Wish I could climb some trees. We have trees, also there is one squirrel living in one of them.
That looks like a cool stream! and a nice walk.
I love Flashback Fridays! Good shots of you boys. I like your outside.
Oh wowie, you look like you're havin lots of funsies. What beeyootiful pickshures, and you are both such handsum mancats!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
What a nice walk you had! Just don't fall into that stream!
What a nice flashback! I want to walk through a field of wildflowers!!
great flashback!
Hi Guys! It is so nice to be back and visiting with our friends!!!

Purrs!!! The Taylor CatSSSSS

Kisses from Auntie Deb
That looked like a lot of fun to me! I wish I had my very own farm to play in :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
AWWW, pictures of things to come!
Oh man, you guys have it made in the shade, or maybe I should say "made in the sun"!!

This was a great flashback! Green & warm!
I'll bet you can't wait for the pretty wildflowers to bloom again!
You have the greatest adventures ... no wonder you have great flash-backs!
i can't wate fer doze hot dayz to hit again, brudderz. dis cold stuff iz disturbin ... even tho i'm warin a verree warm fur cote.
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