Friday, February 13, 2009


The Friday Flashback

Flynn: This week the Friday Flashback comes from May 2007. You may remember that I am the mouse catcher and Eric eats them. I decided to give Eric lessons so he could catch his own mice. So, here are:
Lessons in Mouse Catching.

Right Eric. I keep catching all the mice and let yoo haf them. I fink it's time I showed yoo how to catch yer own.

Furrst of all yoo find a sootabull hole right? Now yoo haf a look down theer and tell me if yoo can see ennyfing.

Come on, it's not going to bite yoo. Haf a good look down theer.

That's better, now can yoo see ennyfing?

What do yoo mean yoo don't know. Move ofurr and let me haf a look.Yup he's deffernuttly down theer.

Now stand back and let the purrfeshunull show yoo how it's done.

Result!!! Gotcha yoo little devil.

Trubble is I still caught the mousie and gave it to yoo Eric.
Yoo haf to catch the next one yerself now I haf shown yoo how to do it.

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You guys have so much fun!!! So nice of you to give Eric the mice you catch, Flynn!
nice catch der flynn!

Nice catch! Very professional-looking.
I took notes on catching those mousies. I have never gotten one myself.

Oah Very Very good Flynn!
You are a might mice hunter!
That is one of my favouritist posts that you boys have done. You are great hunters, even Eric.
I think Eric may be the smart one. You do all the work and he gets the food.
That is a good lession. Did he catch the next one?
Great catch, Flynn! It's nice of you to share with your brother. :)
We haven't been visiting very much. We've missed you guys! Hopefully, Mama will help us visit more often now.

So, Flynn, has Eric ever learned how to catch his own mice??? We think you gave him a purrty good lesson there...
That was definitely a good mouse catching lesson. Can you catch your own now Eric?

Purrs, Sukie x
You guys really know what you're doing! Its been so long since I've caught one I'm not sure I'd know how.

Flynn, you are such a good mouser! We are really impressed. And a generous boy too, giving it to Eric and teaching him how to do it.
Good lesson!
I think you 2 make a good team :-D
It's a purrfect arrangement - someone catches da mousie and den another gets to eatted it.
Eric, what would you do without your brother, Flynn? did you get the mouse OUT of the hole? Reach in and grab him? What if he got all toothy? You might lose a paw!!!

I'm sticking to Stinky can't bite back.
Hi boys... I stopped by to say happy Valentine's Day. The sun was out up here in Surrey and I think it would have been a great day to hunt mousies.
Eric is very lucky to have such a good mouse catcher for a brother.
You are the sweetest brothers, always doing everything together! It makes me wish I had a brother, too!

Was the mouse good?
Great flashback!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day
You boys are so good to each other!
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