Saturday, February 21, 2009


Flynn Catches a Mouse.

The mice are coming back! All through the winter I have tried to catch the mousies but haven't been able to find any. Today I heard movement and dug the mousie out. I only just caught him in time before the flashy box video ran out.

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Hahah you know my momma is a wussy so she would not let me watch it.. bummer too! A cause you know I is there with you guys in spirit!! :))
Congrats on your first mousie of the season!! :))

Good job! You've made your mom very happy too. That should be worth an extra treat.
Teah! The mice are back and there is Flynn to take cate of them!
Oh Wow Flynn!! Good job with catching the mice.
Good job Flynn!
Sheesh ... Hard work for you Mr Flynn. Hope you are paid well!

Whippy Curly Tails

Good job on catching your first mouse of spring, Flynn. I bet your Mum took it away from you right after the video stopped, right?
That was clever Flynn! MB found a mousy in our litter bin the other day and she is wondering who caught it (probably Mitzi) and who dropped it in the litter bin hehehe! It's the second mousy she has found in our bin!
Flynn, you are the great hunter!!!
I am SOOOOOO jealous!!!

Purring and sulking,

PS~ I do get snowballs on my "snowshoes" if I am out too long. Also on my pantaloons!!!
Wonderful job, Flynn!!
Flynn, you are our hero! Mousies beware!
Good job Flynn!! Your patience paid off!
Flynn... what a hunter you are! There's no messing around with THE Flynn.
Very impressive! Mouse hunting is a lot harder than I ever imagined!
Wow, Flynn! That is so cool! You rule! You caught a much better mousie than I did yesterday. Did you leave the tail on?
Purrs, Siena
Great job! We'd so like to try that. Or maybe a squirrel?
Good job, Flynn :-D You're the mancat!
Impressive skills! And very manly! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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