Sunday, February 15, 2009


Easy on Sunday

We need to take it easy today because we had to do a lot of catch up on Saturday evening. We lost our AOL connection midday on Thursday and it meant we couldn't even post our Valentine's cards or enter the contests in time. Luckily we had scheduled our Friday Flashback post. All we could get from AOL was a pre-recorded message that they were aware of the problem and working on it. At least we are back again now two days later .


Happy valentines to my two faveorite gingers. We hope you got some smooches from farmer dad and mum.

Big smoocheroonies

Julie and Poppy Q
You guys are doing well! I would having to be chasing around momma gluing her hair back in from her pulling it all out! hahha
I thinks she relies too much on the computer :(

Happy V day my buddies!! :))

Dearest Eric and Flynn,
Happy Valentine's Day!!! We are sorry you loosed your innernet connection. We know how aggrivatin' that is. But at least you are back now! Enjoy your Sunday and rest up for another adventure-filled week!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
HAPPY HEART's DAY Eric, Flynn and to your Mom and Dad Beans. We hope you had a fun day together. =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Glad to see you back on the bloggy scene this Valentine's weekend! You both look so cozy & happy. Purrfect!

Happy Valentine's
The Whippy Curly Tails

We're glad you're back! Sorry you missed the contests and posting Valentines. We hope you had a fun Valentine's Day.
Oh, those innernets are a pain sometimes! Glad you're back online, and glad to see you getting some quality snoozing done on Sunday, the snooziest day of all.
Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry about the Internet problems. Hope that doesn't happen again!
Willow and I hope that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, even if your internets weren't working! And please pass on our Happy Valentine's greetings to your mum and dad too!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
We're glad you got your internets back. That is such a cute picture of you too. Flynn, your pose is hilarious.
Hope you guys had a nice Valentine's Day. Glad you're internet is back. Sure happy that we don't have that Ail, we have a cable modem.
Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!
i hate wen dere ar teknikul difficultiez!
happee valentine'z day brudderz.
luv--yer grate frend--jh
Oh that's a bummer! We wondered what happened to you two! Glad you're back! We hope you had a nice Valentine's Day in spite of your computer problems!
You guys should rest! Computer problems are very stressful!
I always like to come by your place on Sunday and chill out for a little while. Bet working on the computer problems wore you all out! Hope you had a Happy Valentine's day.
Happy late Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentines Day Eric & Flynn!! Too bad about your internet commection!! But we are glad to see you back!!
Your FL furiends,
We are glad you got your connection fixed and are here! I would need a nap after that too!
Oh well, at least nothing stops a good nap on the vishus deer blanket!
We hope you gorgeous gingers had a fantastic Valentine's Day and a nice rest today.

Have a great week and we'll catch up on your posts when Mom gets back.
Happy Valentines kitties. Wonder if aol was on a date? lol

Wags, Eric xx
What a pain in the butt! When I had AOL all I had was trouble, with AOL and our phone company (terrible connection a lot of the time). I was so glad when the cable company finally ran lines in our area so we could get high speed internet from them.
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