Sunday, February 01, 2009


Easy on Sunday

There is nothing like relaxing with your brother when it is cold and blowing a hoolie outdoors.

Okay, you've got your photo now go away with that flashy box.


you two look so sweet! hey Flynn - want me to come over and cuddle too? the weather's all hot here. not good for cuddling.

(the Lady's getting all mushy about your cushion post yesterday)
You two look the comfiest ever!!!
Very cozy and comfy!
It might be warmer where I am than it is where you are... but when it comes to cosy, you two win the prize.
What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!
You guys are big and handsome and look cozy all stretched how. Glad you brothers could stay together! It's still Saturday here--I can't wait to spend my Sunday like you two!
That looks comfy...but what's a hoolie?
We agreef wif Max...what's a hoolie...and should we be scared of it???
~Meeko & Kiara
I don't know what a hoolie is, but I think you're smart to stay indoors away from it. It is so sweet to see you two napping together.
Is that squirrel hides that you're napping on? Have ye killed half my Brittish cousins to make a blankie?
Hope the hoolie has settled down but stay indoors and snuggle but all means. Must be a british/australian term and the north american kitties are not familiar with it.
There a hoolie blowing here too - and the sea is wild. Mom said if I went out I might get blowed away!
awww, you guys look so sweet snuggled up together! have a great sunday, boys!
Yep, that's what we're all doing today too! It's cold out today!

Purrs, Sukie x
We wanna come over and nap with you on your vishus deer blanket!
cute and fat! yey!
That's the best thing to do on a blustery day!
You too always loof so comfortable together! We dont like the hoolie's either. They make the house sing and the trees rattle!
We had never heard of a "hoolie" - we calls it a "willy wah" - have a nice sleepy day!
You guys are just two big sex-pots.

Pumpy and I might even snuggle up with the dog tonight!! We have no pride when it comes to snow storms and cold winds.
I remember learning about "blowing a hoolie" outside! Lots of wind makes me feel scairt.
It's been cold, windy & icy here and the beans said there is an owl out there, they can hear it! We prefer the hummingbird season...back to nappin'=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Stay right where you are! Hoolies sound bad!
Blowing a hoolie? Did you gets snow? Mum saw a web cam in London that showed snow on the ground.

We have had a nice sunny and warm, above freezing temps this weekend.
Wow, two handsome guys on a deerskin rug...hubba hubba
Aw, that vishus deer rug looks furry cosy. We have been mainly snuggling today too, apart from a death-defying trip through the snow to Sainsburys to stock up on essentials. It's quite snowy in London tonight!
I hope your Mum left you alone after that. You two look very relaxed :-)
Hoolie? I don't know what that is, but it's a neat soundin' word. Hoolie-hoolie! Willy-wah, willy-wah! Blowin' up billy-o! Me darlin'! Hey!
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