Wednesday, January 14, 2009


World's Best Blogger

Concatyoolations Daisy on having the Best Pet Blog of 2008. This is the award that counts cuz you really are a proper pet blog, not like any rotten old bad werd pengwins. You make us laff and you keep us interested everyday with all the adventures of Mr. Shrill, Snail and Lizzerd, and your different quizzes. You even let Harley share your wonderful blog. Also after all that, you find time to visit us everyday too. We salute you Miss Daisy. You will always be #1 to us.
Thanks to Skeezix for the graphic


We agree that Daisy is the best blog! That penguin one is so strange. And mean!
Daisy is always our best blogger!
Daisy is #1!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
You said it, Daisy is tha bestest.
I's so glad that Skeezix made tha grrreat grafiks, too.
Purrs, KC
We agree 1 squillion %!!!!!!!!
We 6th that opinion!

Abby & Stygia
Yay for Daisy!!!
Thank you very much for your kind support. I feel like a winner because I have caring friends like you!
Daisy rocks!
We agree Daisy is #1
we agree!
The bestest thing is that we know that Daisy is a winner everyday! Hopefully lots of new people got to see her beautiful bloggie because of the contest.

We posted her award too. Skeezix did a pawesome job on it!

the Cafe Cats
We agree 100% - Daisy rocks!
We like Daisy too! She rocks
Yup! Daisy's the BESTEST!!!

Finny Buddy & Jasmine
Sweet Daisy will always be #1 with us!
~ The Bunch
Paws down no question about it.

Yep, Daisy is unquestionably the bestest!
We LOVE Daisy!
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