Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wordless Wednesday


You guys are just so photogenic!

I think I will teleport ofur to see you guys, your outside looks much better than mine!
Brothers are so nice to have1
dat wuz a gorjuss pixchur of yoo too boyz!

Ooooh that is a nice spot for you two to sit next to the window!
Hi guys! We hope you are having a great Wednesday!!
Oooooooohh two to squeeze at once! Happy 600th post and what lovely bellies yoo has.
You two share nicely. That's a great perch!!

You boys are all style.
ware iz dat ladder goin to brudderz? ar u gointa walk on da roof?
jus wunderin.
Aw, look at you guys!
Are you thinkin' about stuff? Wondering what to get into next? :)
You boys are so good looking!
You boys are so good looking!
You need a bigger window perch...
I fink you should send that photo into the company that made the cat tree, to prove just how sturdy it is to hold two such manly cats.

Nice photo of you boyz.
We think has handsome as you boys are, that you deserve a wider platform to really relax in that window! Want us to help you build one?
Hi ya, boys! What's up??
Great pic boys! Who's gone up the ladder? Or come down the ladder (as an escape route!)
Is the window cleaner there?
You is definately thinking of something in that foto...where is our dinner....who was that who went up the ladder....pleeze turn the heat up.....we are going to nap now...back soon.
Hi guys! Just hanging out?
Looks very comfy~!!!
You are so enjoy your day~!
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