Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wordless Wednesday

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Stop thinking, just come over to my place! The grass is green going brown, due to the heat. 34C (90F+) today!
right now we are dreaming of summer too,,it is going to be 21 here tonight...

I am missing my summer as well.
That grass looks so good, I miss seeing mine.
Green grass and pretty little pink flowers. AHHH!!!
I think that is a good thing to be thinking about...
Yoo can't have our summer yet, we are still using it. Will post to the youkay soon.

Orange and green just look so good together. Come back summer!

Whicky Wuudler
Only 4 more months...
Hi Eric! We're thinking about it too! Maybe if we all think about it hard enough, summer will come early!
summer is a nice thought
Summer? I can't remember what summer is. Do you mean that couple of sunny days we had last year?

Purrs, Sukie x
Here in cold frozen January summer is just too far away. Somedays we don't think it will ever be green again!
Guess what? It got down to 39 degrees here in south Florida! That's unheard of!
I'm thinking about summer and spring and green grass and warm weather :-D
Thinking about summer is good, Eric.
Are you thinking about catching some birdies?
That's a great picture of you. I miss the summer soooooooo much! in North London it is miserable.........coldcoldcold....
Hey Eric!
I like your green green grass there.
Looks fun!
see you later gingerguy!
deer d ... i'm thinkin uv summer, too!
how'z f?
jus wunderin.
manly pikshur uv u, btw!
I was thinking about Summer today too! It was all the way up to 55F and I tried to get my mom and dad to take me out.

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
I'm thinking about summer, too, buddies, trying very hard to remember when it looked green like that outside. All I ever see these days is white.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Eric you are such in your element :)
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