Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Wordless Wednesday and Thanks.

Thank You!
We want to say thank you to everycat and woofie that sent us a Chris Mouse card this year. We very nearly had as many as the Beans. They better watch out next year.

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We are thankful for your card as well, Eric and Flynn~!
Yay! I can sees my card that I sent you. What a wonderful collection ! It must be because you is such handsome mancats !
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
Wow! You got lots of cards! We see ours! And thanks for the one you sent us! We got more cards than the beans too!
Wow! Look at all of those cards! Wasn't getting Christmas Cards fun?
we was so happy getting chrissymouse cards. now we has to go back to kicking our mom for being too "busy" with sick kitties and werk to send cards back. maybe for valentimes day
It's so fun to get Chrissymouse cards! We love alla ours! (And we got more than the beans this yeer. hehehe)
You have lots of great cards!!!!

We had great fun sending and receiving cards this year!
We loved getting more Christmas cards than the Woman this year! It was so fun.
We see our card and we thank you for ours! You have lots of furrends!
Hehehehehe!! Great minds for sure!! Gosh we don't see ours, did it make it to you? Let us know! We still have a few left from Christmas and can send one! We got more cards than the beans did too this year! It was such fun! Thanks for the one you sent!
Your FL furiends,
We fank yoo -- we juss love exchangin crissmousey cards!

Oh wow! That is great. We love exchanging cards. Thank you for yours!

PS Great tummy post below. I hope you got that rub you wanted.
What a lot of cards you got! I can see mine!
That's a lot of cards! I onl;y have a couple and that's because my SS is too bizzy/lazy to organize to send cards to my furriends. Good help is hard to get.
Ohh and that is a very thankful face.. although Momma just wants to pinch those little cheeks! :)

Aww, you're welcome! Glad to do it!
Ahem, we DID get more cards den da beans dis year...hahahaha
Wow, that's a lot of cards, representing a lot of love! :)
We found it! Thanks!
Your FL furiends,
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