Thursday, January 15, 2009


Waiting for Fev-vers

I was sitting in the kitchen minding my own bizzyness when suddenly I looked out the window and saw a fev-ver in the greenhouse. I had to run out to catch it but it went up to the top where I can't reach it.

Then it flew out the door, but I can still smell where he has been. I would wait for him to come back but it is warmer indoors.

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boy that's really something!!!

smiles, auntie bee
I had one IN MY HOUSE last week! True! The living room smelled AMAZING afterwards.
Brrrrrr-rrrr Flynn get back inside
You are so lucky to get to sniff real live fev-ver smells.
Oh, real live fev-vers! What fun! but I agree it's too cold outside!
Mine come on a stick I never get real ones, on the bird.
I've never seen a live fev-ver up close!
Ah darn, so close and yet so far. Hope you catch it next time!
Oh how exciting that you have a feather!!!!
Flynn you are doing a good job of checking out the greenhouse, sorry to hear the fevvers flew away. Better luck next time buddy.
Darn Robins! How ungrateful of him to fly outside again when you'd gone out to the greenhouse to say hello (coff coff) to him.

Robins are rude.

Whicky Wuudler
Wow, what an exciting life you haf.
A greenhouse all yours own?
And a :: drooling :: fev-ver to chase????
You's furry lucky...
We hope that fev-vers comes back so you can catch him...
I've only seen a fev-ver up close once and it was a seagull. In case you didn't, know they are HUGE and it scared me. So I did a bunk 'cos he was much too BIG to mess wiv (if you know what I mean!)
I real live fev-ver?? Wowwwwwwwww

There's always next time...hee hee!
The only fev-ver I ever see is on the other side of a pane of glass. I wish I could sniff one!
I bet the fevvers will be back another day ;-) You'll have a chance again, Flynn :-D
I think he was teasing you. I agree about staying indoors, though.
We have never seen a real fev-ver up close before!!!
We don't blame you for not sticking around, too cold!
Well, if he's not gonna play fair...we agree, inside is better.
My mum says, if it was a robin she is glad you didn't get him, because she loves them.

On the weather tonight it said there was a LOT of rain coming your way - stay dry!
that darn bird...coming in & taunting you like that! Hope you get him next time!
OMC's a real live fev ver maker and yoo didnt catches him? Better lucks next time!
Ooohhh real fevvers? Dat's fun. Get dem fevvers next time.
We just read your comment on our blog. I can't believe no taxis would drive to Brooklyn, that is against the law here. By NYC law, taxis must bring you anywhere in the 5 boroughs of NYC. That is crazy that they tried to kick you out before you even reached the Brooklyn Bridge. Insane!!
Wow, that is very cool. Chilli is not allowed outside yet, and I only get out supervised, but I noticed the fev-vers around. I chatter a lot at them, when I'm inside. You almost got this one, didn't you?! Thank you for telling us that you had double fangs, too! One already fell out, but we didn't find it.
Purrs, Siena & Chilli
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