Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Tummy Tuesday

Well, what are you waiting for? I need a nice tummy rub.

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Oooh that is so cute. Belly rubs!
Mommy just smudged the computer screen trying to rub your cute tummy.
Rub, rub, snorgle, snorgle, rub, rub!!! Nice soft tummy!
mum sends tons and tons of belly rubs.
Yep, yoo's obviously ready! (I can tell by Mommy going "OOOoooooo must rub!")

Abby & Stygia
Mom said she is on her way!
My humans fingers are already on it!
What an earth are you Mum and Dad waiting for? Oh, taking pictures of da tum. Come on Mum and Dad, get rubbing that tum, Eric is waiting!

Tummy rubbing time! Whose hand could resist such an invitation!
I think it needs a snorgle too!!!!
OOOOOoooooooo! Mommy made the screen smudgey! She rubbed your belly Eric!
Mom sez she's heading over to give that tummy a snorgle!!
Mom sez she's heading over to give that tummy a snorgle!!
Tummy rubs is the bestest!!
Tummy rubs is the bestest!!
Now that is just about the cutest tummy I have ever seen! Great photo!!
Oh, who can resist that tummy!?!
*tickle tickle*

Eric yoo is A-doorable!

Bellleeeehy ruuuubs!!! oh and smooches and snorgles! LOL

Hey Momma!! well, we like your tummy Eric it's all fluffy and white :)
Yeah, put the camera down, woman, and rub the belly!
Here's your tummy rub, Eric :-) Such a gorgeous tummy!
A perfect invitation to rub the belleh!
Here comes a belly snorgle.....watch out!

Nice tummy Eric.

Hope you weren't outside today, it was too cold! Well it was certainly too cold here, we had some snow yesterday and it was all frozen hard all over today.
Nice belleh!! The mom wants to kiss it!!
Eric, it's all your fault! I'm gonna have to call 911 'cause my mom bonked herself on the forehead trying to jump through her screen to snorgle your belleh! Knocked herself right out, she did. I guess you're gonna have to loan me your mom so I can get fed. When mine comes to, I'll send yours back!
Mom is trying her best to rub your belly through the computer screen now.
Oh no.. no your not!!! Tummy rubs are for mez!!! MEZ!
Although that tummy sure could use Mommas morning Massage.. MMM fro short! :))

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