Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Tummy Tuesday and 600th post.

I was just going to let you all see one photo of my tummy, but then I realised this is our 600th post so you can have another photo as a bonus.

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Momma is squeeing all over the place!!!

Happy 600th post, WOOHOO!!!!
Flynn, you must be Ferris' brother from another mother. You guys are nearly identical! Ferris also has another "brother," Nemo from kaltsaskats.blogspot.com
We can be the three amigos!
600 posts? Wow! That's a lot of photos. Congratulations!

Snuggly tummy too :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
Happy 600th post. Mum is cyber rubbing that cute tummy.
I don't know which is more impressive. 600 posts or dose cute tummies.

What a perfect way to celebrate your 600th post! I think the Woman is eager to rub that tummy!!!
600th post?! That is amazing. Congratulations! Love the double dose of tummy, by the way.
600! What a milestone! We love you ginger boys.


Thank you for your well wishes; they mean a lot to me and Mom.

Congratulations on your 600th post. Oh Flynn, Mom so wants to rub your softy belly. Looks like Mom isn't the only one. Good Belly pictures Flynn. You look mighty comfy there.

600 Posts Holy Heck! That is amazing, great work.
Congratulations on 600 posts!! Mama can't even imagine!!
Congrats on your 600 posts boys! We is looking forward to 600 more!
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
Happy 600th my two ginger ninja friends. We love reading about your adventures on the farm and hope you keep blogging furrever.

Happy 600! I was glad we got a bonus!
Very squeeable!!!
You ginger boys really are the best!

Flynn, the PM feels like sitting next to you and patting that belly for the whole morning. A good book in on hand, your belly floof in the other!!

Enjoy your day!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee
Thanks for the double dose of tummy! And congratulations on your 600th post! 600 times you put smiles on our faces!
Congratulations on 60 posts!

The tummy pics are gorjuss - Mom thinks you are adorable.
we might haf to shout ofur all the SQUEEEEEEEEEEEing going on here but CONCATULATIONS on you 600th pose!
Congrats on your 600th post! Your tummy reminds our Mom of praline and creme ice cream. Yum!
Double belly pictures! I can't think of a better way to mark your 600th post. You look very cozy. Congrats on your accomplishment.
Hey, congratz on your 600th post!!
Happy 600th post!!!!!!
600th post, WOW!!! Congratulation!!!!! Now Mommy wants to give raspberry kisses on that cute tummy!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Clearly you are a secure and confident kitty! Look at that stretch! That belly!!
Congratulations on your 600th post! You got handsome legs, too!
Wow!!! That sure is a lot of posts!

Watch out Flynn - my Mummy wants to snorgle your cute tummy!

600 POSTS! Wow, that is incredible! Congratulations!
Flynn you have a great belly pose! Concatulations on your 600 post!

What a lufferly tumbly foto! And your 600th post! How totally kyool is all that!

Luf, Us
Those are some pretty sexy poses going on there!!! Beware, Lady Cats!
Congrats on 600!! We are so glad you are part of the blogosphere!
600th post? WOW!!!!!!!! Always good to see your post. Here's to another 6 million!
600 posts - Wowwee Kazowee! That's great!!!!! Oh and thanks for the bonus tummy :-)
Wowee, 600 posts is soooo awesome Eric and Flynn! And Flynn, did you feel our Momma giving your belly kissies? We love the smile on your face in the second picture, it is just so precious! Concatulations, furriends!
Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Congrats, boys!
What a beautiful tummy! Happy 600th!!!
::crash:: Praline falls to the floor in a faint!

Happy 600th!
Nice tummy dude, my sifurs were makeing whisling noyzes and going hubba hubba...600! Wowie kazowie, concatulations!
Wowie, my little Ginger furiends that sure is a whole lot of posts!!!! I thinks your Momma deserves mega poobling for all the work she has helped you with :))
Congrats on sooooooo many guys and ZI wish you soooooo many happy healthy ones more.. hrrm that does not sound right , but I knowz you guys understand :))

PES: Thanks!! Now I have to go clean up Mommas drool from staring at your glorious tummies! :)
Congratulations on your 600th post :-D That's a lot of hard work by you, Eric and your Mum.

PS: Thanks for the bonus tummy picture. You've got a cute tummy!
wow, 600 posts! that's quite a lot! congrats on the milestone, boys! :-)
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