Saturday, January 24, 2009


My box

I found the box, that means it's mine.


that's right!

smiles, auntie bee
Finders keepers!!! Great box!
Maggie May and The Creek Cats
I also love box!!! Muahahaha!
Finders, keepers!!!
If mum puts a stamp on it, can she post you to us in New Zealand for a visit?
Possession is nine-tenths of the law, dood!
That is absolutely true. Enjoy your box!
Oh the joys of a good box!!!!!

Purrs Goldie
Boxes are awesome,
boxes are cool,
boxes are the best.
Thats a great box! Don't let the humans throw it away like ours do!
You got that right, Flynn! And it's a perfect fit!
Yep...that's right,'s yours, all yours!!!
Grate box, Flynn!I'd keep it too!
Squatter's rights.
That box is just your size, too! You'll make a tidy kitty loaf in that box, Flynn.

I don't understand why your mom would get the wim-wams over a little drool in her wine. Doesn't that stuff have alkyhaul in it? (My mom drinks it, too) Alkyhaul kills most anything, which totally negates your efforts to protect her immune system. It renders your saliva useless! Better stick with water, Guys. Diet Coke in a pinch will offer some benefit.
an wudya gointa do wid dat box flynn?
jus wunderin.
wen i got dat box frum mi best frend reebok ... i wanned to yooz it to send dat kitten joba sumware.
Absolutely correct!
Just leave your fur in it and that really means it is yours, very pretty cat.
He who finds da box owns da box...until dey get tired of it and move on to something else.
That box looks like a purrfect fit, Flynn. Maybe your mum can find a ...ahem... slightly bigger box for Eric?
Finders Keepers. That's the LAW!
We gots a new box this week too. It was an extra special one that had live fishies in it. We tried to help Mom wif da fishies by sitting on da plastic bags but she took em away from us and put them in a glass cage.

That's a perfect box. Congrats!

Nothing makes beans bring out the flashy box faster than a kitty in a box.
Definately your box Flynn, er, until you get out of it that is.

Whicky Wuudler
Aw, you look cute in the box.. but be careful the leggeds don't close the lid.

Worried wags, Eric xx
I think your fur matches the was meant to be!
The rules of box for sure.
Absolutely Flynn. Everyone knows if you find da box, it is YOURS!
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