Saturday, January 03, 2009


Mouse Tails

We had two mousies for Chris Mouse, (we think they are twins) from our holiday auntie.
If you pull their tails they run and bounce along the ground.
Huh! Where do you think you are going?
Aaarghh they are ganging up on me now.
I'll get my own back, I'll put the bitey on him.

I have a confession to make. Dad weighed us this morning. Mum said she thought I had put on weight because I was too heavy when she picked me up. The last time I was weighed, I had put the weight back on after I was ill and was back to 21lbs. Uh-oh, today I was 23lbs. The Beans are not pleased. Flynn is still 16lbs. That is his normal winter weight and he goes down to 14lbs in the summer.
The treats have disappeared and our morning crunchies have been halved. We still get our normal Stinky Goodness at night. Flynn is not happy because 15-16lbs is a good weight for him.
Mum thinks I have put on so much because I am eating special crunchies for sensitive tummies and now I am not yakking all the time, I am putting on weight. When she fed us this morning, can you believe we could see the bottom of our dishes. Yup you heard that right, she's starving us. If anycat could teleport over with a secret stash of treats we'd be very grateful, but don't let the Beans know.

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Oh, horrors! No treats and only half your crunchies. Don't they know you'll die a terrible death by starvation?
eric eat those mousies!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Happy New Year you guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The beans hog it so much, I can't get on!
I betcha I weigh close to 15 if not more pounds. Yikes!
Take care.
I'm on the way over with Temptations! Just play THoE more through the house and you can kee the weight off.
Humans worry far too much about weight. Mine insists I am fat, when I know it's really just that she is too fat...
Hhahha well you iz a big boy... just think of it this way.. you will be more agile and stealthy and when summer comes be able to chase more mice without a huffin and puffin :))

hahha we liked seeing your pictures with the mice ganging up on you, you do look a tiny bit scared-ed :)

Oh No! A diet? Half da crunchies? That's dire! That's cruelty! Ring the RSPCA at once and tell 'em!
Eric please do not get manorexia. If you need any fancy feast smuggled to the youkay, I will post some to you.
Love your photo effect today, boys! We did not realize you were such big boys! Gandalf is the larger of the 2 of us, he weighed about 13 pounds when he went to the vet last month. I'm going to the vet today... I hope he does not tell Mom I need half-rations!
Aggghhhh! Don't the beans know what the first 3 letters of the D word is??
Oh Eric, I'm sorry to hear that you're having weight issues again. Maybe you're just supposed to be a big cat. I insist that I am built to be big, but not fat. Just last night, Mom said I was looking extra floofy, but I tried to tell her it's just my winter coat coming in. At least with the two of you, it can be managed somewhat. Mom and Dad don't know how to keep the girls properly fed, but manage what HB and I eat.

I really like your mice. Maybe you can chase them to lose weight.
Mitzi needs to lose weight, but MB thinks that someone else must be feeding her because she doesn't eat much at home. Either that or she is hunting a lot!
Maybe that's your problem eh? too many mousies :O)

Purrs, Sukie x
I find that if you wake them up with hungry meowing say at 4:30am you can get yourself a little something extra!

Loved your ladygardenectomy comment at Angus's place.
23lbs that's quite a bit, you are a big boy but worth your weight in gold. FAZ
Ok Eric. You are like a LOT bigger than any of the poodins in this house. Way bigger. We don't think we'll bring over any treats. We need them to catch up with you!

Luf, Us
Uh oh, I hope that my FL doesn't read about your half-rations! I gained a pound last year and my v-e-t said that 13 pounds is too much for me. I guess that I would look small next to you boys! However, if I can get some extra treats, I'd be glad to share with you, Eric!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
Mom has me on a diet too. She said she almost threw her back out picking me up so it's diet time again. Mine's been going on for a bout 6 weeks.
Many of the blogosphere mums have been making their kitties diet lately, I think it's some kind of conspiracy between them. -Shaggy
23lb Eric? *applauds* your beans should be proud of your impressive stature! Don't they know it's just more of you to love?

I am only 17 and a half pounds now, I would look positively skinny next to you I expect!
Oh gosh, that "diet" word just grates on my ears! ;-)

Your mousies are really cute!
Eric, that is not fat, that's all your muscles!
We agree with Daisy. It takes a lot of muscle to be that handsome and to walk around and chase mousies. Good luck with the diet. We try it with Nemo but its hard because if we cut down the food he still eats it all and Patches doesn't get enough.
We'd teleport over wif some treat but WE DON'T HAVE ANY! Speedy is on a diet, Zippy doesn't eat them and Sadie doesn't care one way or the other. Can yoo beleeve dat a big mancat can't haf treats? Oh, yeah, gess yoo can...
Why don't people understand we're not fat, we're fluffy! A very sturdy fluffy! And it's MUSCLE weight, and that's GOOD weight! Sheesh. I feel for ya, dood, I really do.
We've never been on a diet, but I know we would torment our mom by constantly begging for food. I think kitty diets are just as hard on the beans.
Hold on we are right there to your rescue!!
Othello, Salome come on help me get the treats and crunchies. This is an emergency!
deer e + f,
mi brudder mickey ... i think he haz u beet ...
mi mom iz so concerned abowt hiz weight ... she iz takin him to dr. landerfeld (az soon az she can stuff him into da carrier!!!! har!)
Don't you just hate that....Flynn can eat everything and you just look at food and gain a pound!!! Poor Eric...maybe go out and have a grass salad! Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by with all your purrs for our Mommy!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
It is hard when everything is so tasty. Eric you will feel better, especially in the warm weather, because I know over weight people suffer in the heat also. You are a very pretty cat.
Eric you are just a fine sturdy mancat. Some of the special fuuds from the vets are quite high in carbohydrates, so maybe you could ask the vet about a lower carb fuud (higher protein means less hunger) The special fuud I have is high in carbs and it has made me fatter pffft! Us poor cats can't win and the pet fuuf makes don't help one bit! grrr!

Love those mad mousies they sound like great fun!

Whicky Wuudler
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