Monday, January 19, 2009


Mancat Monday

Flynn: What the!!!!! What is this table doing here and why is it upside down? It wuz very noisy last night. Must haf been introoders outdoors causing trouble.

Flynn: Yikes! Look at all those chairs too. Is that an introoder I can see hiding under them?

Flynn: It looks like Eric. Is he trapped? Have introoders done sumfing to him?

Flynn: I need to check this out. Eric, is that you under there?

Eric: Shhhh, be quiet Flynn. Sumfing must haf been here last night cuz I found the table and chairs thrown everywhere. I am hiding in case the introoder comes back. I am ready to chase them off and you better stay here to help me.

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man that introoder was mean wasn't he? full of wind too!

smiles, auntie bee
Oh my, some introoder! How totally rude to be throwing tables and chairs around like that.!
Good thing the two of you are guarding the yard. That was some big introoder!
dat wuz sum introoder dat did all dat!nit wuz gud yoo boff r watchin ofur efurryfing!

Oh my! I hope those introoders don't come up here! It's bad enough high up here at the best of times. I hate introoders.

Purrs, Sukie x
My goodness what happened there!
How disturbing!! Hope you get that introoder!
That wasn't very nice of someone to make all that mess!! Hope you guys catch who done it......

Thanks for visiting our bloggie!! We've been reading yours for a little while, but guess we've never commented. (Bad Mama!)

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma
Bad introoders! its not nice to throw other kitties things around!
Door were flying?
Wowww....that is very very strange!
Oh my word! Look at that mess! You must have had quite the storm over there in Devon! I sure hope you were all safe inside! I pray you are all feeling well for this new year to begin just right!
Love Miss Peach
I wouldn't stay out there too long, boys!!!! Be careful!

Wow! That musta been some storm! We're glad you guys are safe!
When you find the introoder be sure to put the bitey on him!
Introoders! It's a good thing you boys are ready to defend your territory!
Watch out for introoders!!!
Oh no! That must have been a very bad intruder to do all that damage.
Yikes! Did that introoder throw water all over the place too?
oh goodness!!! that's a lot of stuff lying all ofur the place!!!
I absolutely hate it when furniture gets rearranged. It must have been very disconcerting to find all that garden furniture thrown around the garden. But it was manly of you to investigate!

Whoa! What happened? That intruder does not have any decorating sense at all.
That intruuder wind is very ruud.
He was 'round our place last night too.

Dog. Your'e both very brave.Hope there won;t be and fying kitties later.

Wiry wags, Eric xx
Oh cat, that must have been some storm to do that!
Gulp, that was a big storm. We had it quite stormy on Saturday night but not as bad as you down there.
OmC's!! We hopes dat a huge vishus deer didnt do that!
I yam sure you guyz will whaps dat intuder if he comez back!!! I would gets all puffy if I sawd him. Mean ol ting!
You two are very brave to look for the introoder that did that. He must be ginor-mouse!
Now, that was some storm! Was it a tornado? We are glad you are safe.
hehe I hope they do not come back.. I thinks there will be a worse aftermath after you guys get to them!! ;)
but shhh I will be very vwwery quite.. we are hunting trooders.. shhhh

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