Monday, January 12, 2009


Mancat Monday

It gets very tiring trying to arrange yourself in cute poses all the time. Maybe Eric has the right idea when he walks off as soon as he sees the camera.
I keep my furrs spotlessly white, even after I have been rolling in the dirt. I will let you into a secret. Eric had to have his trousers washed yesterday because he had poop stuck to them. Don't tell him I told you though.

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My lips are sealed.

That's a fantastic mancat picture of you, Flynn!
That is a great mancat photo. Love it. Dante gets poop stuck on his fur all the time. Mom has to use cat wipes on him. Haha

Sebastian and Yaffa
That is a great mancat photo. Love it. Dante gets poop stuck on his fur all the time. Mom has to use cat wipes on him. Haha

Sebastian and Yaffa
i'll never tell! and i was in that exact pose for my nap! but no one took my picture. drat. ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
That was the first thing we thought when we saw your picture, how very spotlessly clean you are. Very nice!

Abby & Stygia
Hahahahahaha!! ((OOOps... don'ts tell any onez I laffed!)) My brudder has to haz hiz furry pants washed too.
Now you on da other paw, one can see dats you wouldz not let such a ting happen.
I'll never tell, Flynn... ;-)

Let me tell you, that's a cute pose you're arranged in right there...
Must. Snorgle. Tum.

Calm yourself, Woman!
I won't tell as well, Flynn~!!
You have very shiny shiny white fur!
Dearest Flynn,
We LOVE that pose...mommy is ooohin' and ahhhin' are a very handsome man! And, uh, Flynn...if we is bein' real honest...some of us have pooped in our pants before...please don't tell nobody, 'kay? We unnerstand how Eric might feel...

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Poor Eric - how barrasing! My lips are sealed ... tee hee!
I hear you Eric, last time I went to the vet, she had to comb out my trousers cause they were getting a bit matted and furry.

I'm a cat, what are they meant to look like anyways.

Nice photo of you Flynn, handsome as always.
You do a good job of looking cute, Flynn...and your secret about Eric is safe with us...
Flynn you look as if you have been on a hot wash you are so very clean and white!

Oh my. Poops stuck on the bottom ain't no laughing matter.

You're looking very mellow, Flynn.

Purrs and headbutts.

Yes it is tiring and then they want you to do something unique as well.. sigh. No wonder so many cats get camera overload...
Shaggy gets poopy trousers too. He's just sooooo floofy. Flynn, you look like you are daydreaming of mousies and wildlife to chase.
Great picture of you! I have to agree with Eric, I get very annoyed with da flashy-flashy...but instead of walking away, I just hunker down and give mommy my most annoyed look!!

Your furs certainly are perfectly white! Tristan always has the dirty butt problem, so sometimes the v-e-t- shaves that area. She hates that!
Tell Eric it's ok, poo happens! Flynn, you're furrs are so sparkly!
*gasp* that is SUCH a handsome picture of you, Flynn! I like to keep my white bits dazzlingly white too.
Poor Eric, getting a bath. I've had that happen before, but it's been a while. And I think your cute poses come natural. You do have impressive white belly furs for a cat that plays outside as hard as you do.
Oopsie! Poops on the trousers might be a small fashion faux pas!
Uh Flynn, we has a kitty here dat has that done to him too. Fer sum reason Troo always has them dingle berries hangin and has to be washed.

Happy new year to you all!!! I´m in home.

Your pose are really cute, you can dominate to your bean! Muahaha!
You look a lot like our Ferris!

Our Cal had poopie trousers yesterday too!
~The Creek Cats and Maggie May~
That should be illegal- posting such adorable pictures!!

**gasp** wow! you're so stunningly handsome! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(when Grr has dingleberries, the Lady and the (f)BG argue over who is gonna hafta take care of it. they're not very brave.
We won't tell him yoo said anything, but, Speedy needs to get his backside washed effury morning cuz he haf da poopies hanging der. It's become part of mom's morning routine.
That is a super cute pose, Flynn :-D And you look pristine, as opposed to what Eric must have looked like. But don't worry I won't tell him what you said ;-)
Yep, you look super clean and super cute there!

Hehehe, shouldn't laugh about Eric but I had to have that done to me sometimes.
Momma has to keep my bottom clean cuz I can't reach all the way back there, yoo see we manxies can't quite reach way back there. I don't like it when she takes out those silly baby wipes but she does all the time...

"Poor Eric . That's a very cute pose :)
So making him a *Mr. Poopy Pants* button is out of the question?

He might think it's funny.

You do an excellent job keeping those snow white furs clean after all that rolling around in the dirt, Flynn!
...I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille......
Flynn, you do a very good job at keeping your coat so white!
You have certainly mastered the cute pose. Eric is so lucky that your mum didn't post an embarrassing picture of his poopy mom never misses a chance to embarrass us.
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