Monday, January 05, 2009


Mancat Monday

Eric: It is very mancatly to go out in the fields when it is nearly dark.

Flynn: I like to sit and listen for mousies getting ready for bed.

Eric: It is best to be prepared and get in the crouch purrsition early just in case.

Flynn: And if you listen, you will hear the fezzunts getting ready to fly up to their beds in the trees.
Eric: But the most impawtunt thing is to make sure you keep your mum safe in the dark by listening out for any strange noises.
We have found some new furrends and they would love to have some visitors. They are Tiger, Motor, KC and Smokey, and you can visit them here.

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i love it when you watch out for your mom!!! good boys!

smiles, auntie bee
Your mum is so sweet to take you two out on such wonderful adventures. I wonder what mousies getting ready for bed sounds like.
Oh mousiez!!! Dey iz da bestee... buts den I nevfur hadz dat fezz-ant efur. Oh, dere iz soo much to enjoy in da grreat outdoorz!!! Happy New Yearz to you all!
Dr Tweety

Auntie Stinkie: Hi boys! That looks very enjoyable. I have to tell Eric not to worry. Five pounds is nothing my dear. You will have to stop by on Tuesday for some mousie pie. And, to commiserate with Delilah. Her diet has died, and it's only four days into the new year.
That is very manly late at night!
Protecting your mom is very important!
MomBean usually hears my bell on my collar at night. I hear: "YOU HAD BETTER BE IN THE BACKYARD MISTER!"
We love the mancatly way you march through the grass. Nice work!

Abby & Stygia
That's very brave and loving of you boys! I am not allowed out at night generally because the metal monsters speed along our dimly-lit street and it's too dangerous for furries to be out.
How wonderful it must be to listen to and see nature get ready for bed :)
You are good kitties to look out for your Mom !!
My Mom says thanks for the birthday wishes :)
Purrs Mickey
Oah Eric,
you are so dashing and brave to walking at night outside~!
So so cool!
Wow - hunter & protector ... those are all very many things :)
The Evening Patrol is the most excitin' one of the day! It's good of you to keep your Mum safe. Humans can be a bit unsafe in the dark 'cos they can't see much unlike we cats.

Whicky Wuudler
What good mancats you are for protecting your Mum!
We hope you caught a mousie or two!
did you get any miceys?
That looks so exciting!!! I rarely get out to roam the wilds in the sleek dark.

Purrs Goldie
Looks like so much fun! We wish it was safe around here for us to go out.

Thank you for coming by our blog and leaving nice words for us about Bandit.
~ The Bunch, minus one
Yoo too r furry brave mancats and yur Mum nefur has to werry cuz she has da too of yoo to protects her.

We wish we could go out at night but mom is worried we'll wander away.
Good man-catting ... I'm sure you have a lot of fun patrolling in the dark.
I think I would be far, far too scairt to be Outside after dark!
Yoo does a gud jobby watchin fer fings and keepin yer mum safe! We wudn't know what to do if we escaped outside.
You guys have a very good Mum that allows you to be adventuresome when it is so close to darkness!

We went and visited the new furrends. They are cute!

Luf, Us
You are such good guard cats for your Mum! We are so jealous you get to go outside and explore out in your jungle. We live vicariously through you two!
Did you see the mice in their jimjams? Maybe read thema bedtime story next time ..3 Blind Mice would be a good one..Haaaa!!!!

Wags, ERic xxxxx
didja catch any? bet that's a better bedtime snack than Temptations! ::sigh:: the only thing that comes out at night around here is that Bedroom Cat, Max. we're trying to cuddle and go to sleep and he wants to come out and get into all our stuff.
Going out after dark must be sooo exciting! You lucky boys!
What mighty hunters you two are! Good job keeping mom safe! *purrs*
Oh wow I can imagine all the different noises you would hear in the dark.. spooooky!
But you are very man catly .. looking after your Momma first :))

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