Monday, January 26, 2009


Mancat Monday x 2

We haven't been out walking around the fields much lately because the weather has been too bad. Now we are out, we have to make sure everything is as it should be. I am looking up across the fields to check things out.

While Flynn is checking the top field, I will look down across the bottom fields.

Everything looked all right there so now we will do our foot patrol and check the other fields.
We are glad it didn't rain and we enjoyed going out again to do our Mancat duties. There is rain forecast for the rest of the week so we may look after the woodburner instead.

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we sur wish we had fields to watch ofur!

It's nice that the weather was nice so you could go on your patrols. We just love the scenery where you live. You are so lucky to have such wonderful fields to patrol.
It is good to keep the fields patroled! Looks like you have lots of space.
I'm glad to see that you had a break from the rain and were able to go outside some. I love to see you out patrolling the fields and making sure your beans are safe. Hope you don't get washed away with all the rain.
You guys do very good work as a team keeping things sorted out in your fields.
You two make a great team.
We wish we had a field like that to patrol. Mom agrees that it would be good exercise for us too, but right now it is sub zero outside so there would be no patrolling any time soon!
What handsome guards you are. Your family is lucky that you keep them safe and you are lucky to live in such a bucolic setting.

You two are excellent patrollers! That would be fun patrolling outside, I think. I would have to get braver first though. I'm glad you have the woodburner to look after if it rains!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, Willow
We love how you two patrol your fields keeping them safe from introoders....
it must be nice to live someplace where there is no white stuff on tbe ground right now. we don't think it will ever go away.

patrols look like fun
You are lucky having fields so near. It must be fun patrolling them together. It is quite rural where we are but I don't wander far away - I'm a bit of a home loving boy!
Grace and Audace would sure like to spend time outside (Ruse doesn't seem to care!), but I can't let them - not as long as we have a big orangeboy (feisty and scrappy) on the loose in the neighborhood!

You guys are SOOOOOOOO handsome! We love seeing the photos of your adventures.
You patrol well, and I think you are very lucky to have a whole farm to patrol, instead of just a garden ;O)

Purrs, Sukie x
Nice. Two mancats in one great post. You are both very good at making sure your territory is safe and things are the way they should be.

I hope the rain stays away.
You two make a good team!
I'm glad you finally had a good day to go out and patrol the grounds :-D Sorry you're getting more rain later this week.
Yoor mancat patrols are furry is watching da woodburner on cold rainy days.
Thank you for visiting me on my blogoversary!

I haven't been out for ages. It didn't rain here today but it was a work day so my humans go out in the morning when it is dark and come back in the evening when it is dark...roll on spring!!!
Ah look at all that green.....

I'll have good dreams tonight!

Thanks boys.

Purrs Goldie
Your Mum and Dad are lucky they have you to patrol the fields - that is a very important job.
Patrolling is very important. We are jealous of your green grass. Mom has to grow us grass inside because ours is brown and covered with cold white stuff.
-Patches and Nemo
I sure do miss our back yard outdoor time outs. So glad you got a chance to get out and explore awhile. Mom said you were having pretty cold weather over your way. She heard it on the weather channel.

Don't you guys get any snow there? We haven't seen our grass in over 2 months.
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