Thursday, January 08, 2009


I'm sulking

Mum said Flynn has been having more than his share of blog time so it was my turn today. Wouldn't you just know it. Blogger won't post my photo! We know it's not just us cuz mum went to the Blogger support group and lots of people are having the same problem. Mum said I can have one last go at posting my photo and if it doesn't work, I will sulk and go to bed.

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Not fair at all, Eric. Blogger can be mighty annoying sometimes. We hope they get their act together so we can see more pictures of you.
We love your fuzzy face.... we hope tomorrow brings twice as many pictures of you!!

Abby & Stygia
I have the same problem these days as well, and Michico transfer the "Compose" edit version to the "Edit Html" version, and push the Add image button few times, then it worked.
But I don't know if this is working for you, only our way to upload the photo now. Blogger is really strange recently, they change many little spots but we have to find it out...
Stupid blogger, we need our Eric picture fix.
Eric, we has had those problems wif the blogger monster too, so when it happens we cheat we use After yoo load the piccys there it will give yoo the html to put on yer bloggy fer the piccy. Thats how we defeat the blogger monster!
I haven't been posting much - I suppose that's one way of beating the Blogger monster.

Just between furriends, I was staring at SS and the clicky box, willing them to go away and leave me in peace.
How frustrating when Blogger doesn't post photos! argh!!
Eric, we are sorry your pictures won't load. We hope ours will when we try to load them in a few minutes.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
We had the same trouble last night. After a few hours it seemed to be OK.
We'll look for your picture later!
Our Auntie had trouble too. Mom doesn't use blogger to post, but we did have trouble on some blogs not showing photos.
oh poor eric! i had some trouble last night too. have a nap honey.

smiles, auntie bee
That would make me sulk too!
I think you have every right to sulk ... especially about your picture not posting. We need a picture of you or our day's not complete.
Oh that is just so typical! Maybe you can post tomorrow too.

Purrs, Sukie x
I'm sulking right along with you, Eric!
I would sulk too - stupid blogger has a mind of its owns sometimes!

I didn't know there was a support group for bloggers!
We could not upload any photos yesterday, either! I hope it's fixed today.
We had a tough time with blogger, too. Thank you for the Christmas card. You guys remind Mama of two orange and white boys who were super special to her before they had to go to the bridge. We finally got all caught up on your bloggie. We've missed you guys!

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