Saturday, January 31, 2009


Home Comforts

I told mum the compooter desk wuzn't that comfy for sleeping on, so........

........she got me a cushion.

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And all you had to do was ask -- you have your human so well trained! Maybe you should make a list of all the things you did to train her and post it so other cats can learn what you already know! ;-)
Eric and Flynn--from one handsome mancat in Texas to two handsome mancats in England (I had to look on a map to see where that was) I like your pictures! I wish I had a field like that. I'd play ALL the time. My human, Tommy says you have the same birthday as her--April 8th.
Oooh,that is one soft cushion you have there!!
dat is sum fabbulous cushion!

man ... wut yer mom wooden't do fer u!!!!
i think mi mom mite do sumthin like dat, too!
That looks much more comfy!
And I thought I was pampered!
Your mum is so nice to you.
Now that is the nicest thing I have ever heard of. Would your person adopt me?
Your Mom clearly appresheates you and is a good servant.
Aww, and the cushion almost matches your furs. You look very comfy flynny finster.

Have a nice weekend on the farm.
You boys have a wonderful Mom! Aren't we all the luckiest boys ever?

We loved your Friday Flashback! We wish we had fields to explore like you! We enjoy our yard, of course, but the fields and barn where you live looks SO wonderful!
Your mum definitely knows how to treat kitties.
Wow, your Mom is the bestest. We are showing this to out mom so she can learn how a cat should be treated.
Wow! We wonder if we can get our mom to do that for us???
What a sweet Mum you have Flynn! You look so comfortable and we love how the color goes so well with your furs.
Flynn, we have a sneaking suspicion you could nap anywhere, but of course, a soft pillow is a much better choice...
Rotten! Flynn, you're just plain spoiled rotten!

I can't believe she didn't provide a cushion as a matter of course...Happy sleepin', buddy.
Now that's the treatment we should get all the time!

Purrs, Sukie x
Isn't it great to have a servant who does your bidding?!!
Thanks for the info. We found more sites with wonderful pictures and information to linger at too. We'd love to vacation there some day!
I am so jealous. your human is sooo well trained. Please send her over to the isle of wight - my human needs some intensive training and I think your human might just be the one to do the job! x
Your Mom is so good to look out for you and give you pillows when you need them.
AWWWWWwwww! Now that is so cute we just love it!! :)

Hugs from the topcatrules girls.
Aw, how sweet.....Mom said your photo reminds her of Sonic(Nicky),Flynn.....she misses him so much.(Mommies rubbing your that purring we hear?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
What a thoughtful Mom you have!
your mommy must love you dearly to give you a cushion for the desk... our mommy would just have kicked us down from the desk ;-)
Flynn, I think you must have one of the best Mums ever!
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