Friday, January 30, 2009


The Friday Flashback

It's Friday again already so we have our next Flashback. This one comes from March 2007 when we were thinking we were glad for some better weather. Bet we didn't have as much rain then as we are having this winter. Okay, here it is:


We wuz getting reely bored cuz of all the rain, and we couldn't go for a walk. Well the weather is a lot better now, and the sun is shining. It's even warm enuff furr me to sit here sunbathing.

That's enuff of the sunbathing, it's time me and Eric took mum furr a walk.

All the sheep in the fields have got theer lambs. We like to watch them running around.

Time furr some nice fresh green grass.

We haf to check efurryfing out. We hafn't been down here furr ages.

I need a rest and a bit more sunbathing.

All this walking has made me hot. I need to cool my tail down.

That's cooler. I'll just haf a quick look ofurr the hedge and see what's going on there.

We are on guard duty here. This is the field that the vishus deer go in sumtimes. We haf to make sure fings are safe befurr we go back to our indoors.
We had fun outdoors. It's much better when the sun shines.


Oh guys what a beautiful part of the world you live in!
And I do not know how yo can resist playing with all those sweet little lambies! How cute! (wink wink).

OH how I dream of frolicking through those fields with you both! :))
ar doze yer fieldz? jus wunderin.
if doze ar yer fieldz ... ar doze yer sheep?
still wunderin.
Those are great flashback photos!!
we wants sum of yur fields.
yoo has booteefull land!
we juss lub yur friday flashback.

That was a great flashback in all this nasty rain. I envy you the sun at that moment!
Excellent work, we must say!

Abby & Stygia
It is so great that you take Mom for walks. That is purrty country!
Ooh what a LOVELY pikture of you two boys lookin out over yr fields. We has saved it on our computer to look at & make us think of Springtime !
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
Gees guys, you two are SO gorgeous! And wow - fancy getting to sit outside! Hugs from the topcatrules girls.
So gorgeous boys! Those lambs are very very cute. The PM has been thinking about getting a couple of sheep. Just thinking and it will be years from now. She loves the little black faced ones.

Purrs Goldie
We are just in awe of the wonderful place you guys live! It is beautiful and full of nature. We bet you guys have the best time exploring your land!
What a wonderful flashback post - we loved it. It looks like you guys have great fun.
That was a great flashback! We love seeing all the greenery considering all we see today is snow!

We don't know how you can resist playing with the sheep and the lambs!
Your countryside is so beautiful! Moms great great grandparents come from Gloucestershire and Yorkshire England. Is that close to you?
The lambies are adorable, but we know up close they are kind of smelly & dirty, but that was a pretty pastoral scene!
Maybe with all the rain lately, things will get really lush & green and the hunting will be magnificent.
Eric and Flynn we think you are looking out at heaven.....that is sooooo beautiful, lucky boys!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
Oh man, that makes me really wish for spring to come, buddies! I can't walk around our yards at all because everything is covered with lots of snow. On the upside, I don't have to worry about cooling down my tail. That is very clever of you, Eric.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That is a really great flashback because it reminds us that Spring will be here soon, we just have to wait a little longer.

Synchro kitties in the last cool!! Cor it's going to snow next week kitties so make the most of the weekend. Wiry wags, Eric xxx
Boy, I can't wait for better weather like that!!

Have a great weekend :-D I hope you get a break from the rain.
Where you live is so beautiful! Our Mum wants to move us to Ireland. When she was there she fell in love with all the sheep. And here you have sheep as your neighbors! We are very jealous.
P.S. Our Mum just made the last picture the background on her computer. She just loves it!
Those are some beautiful pictures! You two are very handsome, and live in such a lovely place.
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