Friday, January 16, 2009


The Friday Flashback

This week's Friday Flashback is also from January 2007. We intended only doing one from each month but we couldn't decide between two last week, so here is the second of our favourite posts from that month.
It is called:


I love my brofurr Flynn. He's good furr snuggling wiv.

And when we are outdoors he catches mice and gives them to me.

I love my dad cuz he's good furr snuggling wiv too.

He duzn't efun mind too much when I knead his hed.
But he likes it better when I just cuddle him like this.

And of course I love Rosie, and I love snuggling wiv her.
Rosie, I hope yoo don't mind me "borrowing" yer pichur furrom yer post.

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Those sure are great loves!! Brotherly snuggle love is cute! Dante and Sebastian can learn a lot from you two. Dante does biteys instead of snuggles.
Thank you so much for coming by to visit me you guys! I am finally starting to feel more like myself and hope to beginning typing for the kitties again real soon. Even though we haven't been blogging we have still been reading almost everday. This is also one of our favorite posts. I especially like that Flynn catches mice for you, that is such a good brotherly thing to do. Thanks again for brightening my day!
You two are just so lovely and loving. While I enjoy being an only cat, I might consider giving up that status if I could have a sibling just like yours.
We love visiting your blog. Mom just squees up a storm when she sees your pictures.
I think that there's one common love that runs through each of those three loves: snuggling!
Awww Eric that is such a lovely post, we loves to see you snuggling with everybuddy.
Oh that is so sweet!!!
Oah My God~!

So so so sweet~!!!
I especially love you with your dad's shots, I think your dad always have very warm and sweet dream everynight ~!
These are very good things to love.

I need to train Oliver to catch moles and give them to me, but he's bird cat and I prefer da rodents!

Whicky Wuudler
Eric, that was a great post! You love some good things...specially your dad...
Awwwwwww, love is grand!
those are three very great loves!
You are just a big snuggle kitty and a lover!
{{Eric and Flynn}}
We fink yoo too r grate!

Eric, I am glad you have so much love in your life!
Those are great flashback pictures. Love is so very important!
What wonderful pictures! Glad you did another one!
Awwww...your love for everyone is giving us a warm glow all over, Eric!

I like to wrap myself round my mum's head like that in bed, but then I always start licking her hair SCHLURP SCHLURP SCHLURP and she goes EWWWWW and gets out of bed.
Your Dad looks comfy. Did he know dat pic was being taken? Hahahahah!

I like to do da bitey on my Dad's nose when he is in bed ...then he says: MILO (in a stern voice!) tee hee!
What a sweet post! I need to try kneading my mommy's head.
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