Friday, January 09, 2009


The Friday Flashback

This weeks Friday Flashback comes from January 2007. Mum sez I need to get affletik again to lose some weight.


Mum an Flynn bofe say all I do is lay around or eat. Well heers the proof dat sumtimes I am furry lively. This is my ratty an I am getting reddy to pounce on him.

Heer I go, I'll give him what for.

This is me wiv a mousie dat Flynn caught furr me.

I wuz having a good game wiv it, an I can be reely speedy sumtimes.

See I wuz that fast that mum couldn't keep up wiv me an it looks like she chopped my hed off. Don't worry Rosie, my hed is still theer reely!

I wuz that tired out after dat I had to lie on the floor wiv my fluffcat. See we are the same culler. I put the bitey on fluffcat yooshully, but I wuz just too tired in this pichur.

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Oah Eric,
you are so agile~!!!
How outstanding you are!
Oh wow, you are good at pouncing. We love the fluffcat, it looks so much like you!!
We like seeing your legs all stretched out when you are in action. And we really like your fluffcat. Maybe our mom should get us our own.

Abby & Stygia
Hehehe! That was very affletik Eric!
Your Fluffcat is really lovely. I thought you were laying with Flynn at first!

Purrs, Sukie x
You are a fierce hunter!
WE are having so much fun seeing your old posts my furiends.. Eric you know I can not lie.. you were even a big man cat back then.. but you know what.. i have been thinking... and you need to be for catching the things that you have to catch in your "backyard" so you stay big my buddie! :))

WOW! I can't tell ware yer fluffcat ends and yoo begin! Yoo are vary ajile! Happy New Year!
Eric you sure do move fast when you need to. Still, the fave picture is you with your fluffcat. You could be twins.

Smooches to you dude.
Eric clearly you are an agile afflete. Tell your Mum and Dad that Olympic shotputters are just as much affletes as the skinny runners! We can't tell where fluffcat ends and you begin!

Whicky Wuudler
Those are some great action shots! Your athleticism is very good:)
Wow! Your hunting skills are very impressive, Eric! We can see how tuckered out you were afterward. Fluffcat looks like a wonderful pillow to nap on, even if you didn't want to put the bitey on him.
Eric, after all that hunting and playing and pouncing, we'd be tired too!
Affletes are highly over-rated and sometimes they "consume" very strange things to get where they got... so our advice: stay as you are, you are PURR-FECT.
Wow Eric, that is very impressive!! I tend to save up for huge bursts of energy and it always shocks the humans since they think Big Man Cats are lazy. Hrumph, we'll show them!!

oh goodness- your fluffy cat is 'zaktly the same color and the same stripes as you! how cool!
Wow, look at you pouncing! You are indeed a very athletic mancat! I love your fluffcat that looks just like you!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Great action shots, Eric. You got moves!
That was great!!!! You chasing in all that greenery!!!!!

That made my day!

Purrs Goldie
I am sorry to hear your mum is not well, Eric and Flynn. Sending purrs for her swift recovery. So far (touch wood) my mum has been keeping healthy whilst all around her at school succumb to the germs.

Those are great pictures of you, Eric!
Eric, I can tell you're a great athlete! It's hard to be athletic when it's cold and nasty outside. Since your Mum seems to think you need to move more, I suggest more THOE in the middle of the night. Over Mum's bed :-p
Fluff cat looks just like you!
Such agility - no wonder you had no energy left to put da bitey on Fluffcat!
Wow! This toy is liken you!!!
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