Friday, January 02, 2009


The Friday Flashback

Our Friday Flashback for this week comes from December 2006 and is called:


Eric, theer's sumfing wrong wiv the lawndree baskit.
The lid's gone an I can't see how to get in.

Oh silly me, sumbuddy took the lid away an put a door theer insted.

Yoo reely are silly sumtimes Flynn, can't yoo see it fell ofurr.
Don't no how that happund though. Maybe theer's an evil introoder kitty arownd hoo knocked it ofurr. I'll look in this end and see if'n I can see anykitty an yoo look in the uvver end.
Mum: Don't you boys think it could have had something to do with the way you were both racing around the bathroom at a rate of knots?


Thanks for dropping by! Happy New Year to all of you. Your Christmas Tree Movie was a real delight!
Racing around is important!

Abby & Stygia
Did you find another kitty in there or was your mom right?
aww and I thought That maybe it was going to be your special little love den to bring the ladeez back to? :(
Never mind, a man cat makes do :)

silly silly cute boys! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Allways blame it on da evil introoder! Happy New Year 2009!
Maybe you should re-enact the scene again and see if you can figure out the intruder thing.
Happy New Year :-)
I agree that the evil introoder kitty must have done that. I think your mum should leave it on its side permanently. That would make it much easier to explore and play in.
We're sure neither one of you had anything to do with it despite what you mum thinks.... two are just so precious.

You look like a couple of crime scene investigators there. We think your Mum did it.


Whicky Wuudler
Hee Hee!!! You two are so funny!!!!

Happy New Year!
We think the bathroom is just subject to more gravity, because stuff in our bathroom seems to fall over more often than other rooms. And what in the world is a rate of knots?
Oh what a place to explore. I wonder how that basket got that way?
Haaa!!! You two are such cards ... or is it cats???? Wiry wags, Eric xxx
The cat who came before had a laundry hamper like that that he used to get to play with, but it was wicker and he would claw at it. Good fun, I'm sure.
You were obviously playing THoE (Thundering Herd of Elephants) so knocking over stuff is par for da course. Doesn't your Mom know dat? It's our favourite game so we knock stuff over all da time! (Tee Hee!
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