Saturday, January 17, 2009


Flynn and the spider

I was peacefully sleeping on the computer desk when suddenly I noticed something from the corner of my eye. It was the biggest spider I had seen for a long time! I bet it is tasty. Mum saw the link to the spider on Laila and Minchie's blog and thought I would like it. The video is a bit dark and I was a bit tired, but you get the general idea.

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Did you eat it? Was it good?!?
man that's a big spider! i hope he didn't bite your tosies!

smiles, auntie bee
Great job keeping that spider in check Flynn!
That spider is so annoying,
can't grab it and can't eat it!
Okay, my human can't watch. That spider is so big it gives her the shivers just to see in the beginning frame of your video--even though we know it's not real!
Crunch crunch crunch!
Mom has just run da hall screaming: EEEEEEEKKKKKKK! Cos she iz scared of spiders.

I like to eat 'em up though! Then Mom refuses to smooch me 'cos she says I've got spider breath. So I have to clean my teeth!
Aww Flynn, we can tell you were tired but you did make a very good effort patting the spider about. Love the purring too!

Whicky Wuudler
Oh that spider was playing hard to get, but I bet you got him in the end!

Purrs, Sukie x
That's an evil looking spider.
Geez, Flynn...that spider is really big! It would make a tasty meal, for sure!
hahah Flynn I had to tell you.. Momma could not even watch 10 seconds of it... it was funny!!! :)
Get it!
We saw that, too!
It sure was big and sorta scary, but fun!
~ The Bunch
One day mom was working on her pictures on the computer when I saw this HUGE centipede and I tried to grab it. It just sat there on the screen.

Your spider's better because it's *moving!!!
We're psychic! :)
Too bad you couldn't get it. Bet it would have been nice & crunchy!
Hehe Flynn, that is so cute that you are trying to catch that spider!!
That looks like fun! We can't try that because Harley would ruin the computer trying to get at the spider. He already wrecked the keyboard on our laptop by spilling water in it.
Good Daye to you fearless orange kitty. Thank you for trying to kill dat spider. Who knows what our biped would do if she saw such a thing.

Btw thanks for stopping by our blog. We were trilled to have a couple English kitties drop in.

Hello! Mom can't cope with that thing!

We are coming in here to wave and say hi. :)

Hugs from the topcatrules girls, Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket. :)
That is so COol! I'm gonna get me one!
Fanks for da spidey link! Dat wuz so much fun! Heeeeeehheeee!
That's a fun spider to play with :-D
You're so funny! I hope you finally got that spider.
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