Sunday, January 11, 2009


Easy on Sunday

It has been very cold lately. One night we went down to -12c which is very unusual for us, but at least it has kept dry. Now the temperature has gone back up to around 0c, it even feels warm to us now. We are starting to go out for walks again and it is good to just roll around in the dirt and take it easy. Of course rolling usually leads to wrestling!

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I wish I could come join you in some of those romps! It looks to me like you live in a fantastic place!
We are very jealous of the both of you! That you get to roll around in the grass!! That looks like tons of fun. We are not allowed outside ever. Especially now, since it is snowing....
oh i just love it when you have a vid-e-o!!!

smiles, auntie bee
We love videos of you 2, too! Especially when they feature those EXCITING sounds!

Abby & Stygia
You two always seem to have the best time!
Boys will be boys!
Have fun, boys, and keep warm!
At least you don't have snow or ice on the ground with the cold temps like I do.
Holey Moley -12C.. we can not even imagien that wow!
heheh we had a good laff though at your play time.. Momma squees every time when we have play time here.. she says " play time babies playtime".. it's like "duh momma" hehe

Weeee! That look like fun. Where we live cats aren't allowed outside without a leash! A leash! crazy talk.
Very good wrestling there Eric & Flynn. We had -12 one day last week but it's warmed up now. We love seeing what great cat lives you two have. I miss my fields.

Whicky Wuudler
Oh that looks like so much fun!
We can't even see dirt we got so much snow!

Eric, all that rolling and rasslin' will help you lose some weight, we bet! (Not like you need to or anything...)
Eric and Flynn, that was a good match! When Simon and I wrestle, he always gets the better of me even though I am the (much) bigger boy! I guess I am more of a pacifist ... hee hee! Have a wonderful Sunday, furriends!
Purrs and headbutts,
Romping and putting the bitey on is great fun!
You two look so joyful rolling and wrestling in the dirt and grass! But Oc still sounds very cold to me!
Oooh! You are colder than us up in Yorkshire! Somewhere here it was -10c but we only went down to -6c in our little part :O)

You are definitely having lots of fun rolling an wrestling!

Purrs, Sukie x
It's so much fun to wrestle. I know why you can't resist!
That looks like a lot of fun. Momma is wondering if you ever accidentally get hurt? Sometimes when we play, we get bited or scratched, but it looks like you two are so well matched, you may not get hurt.
~ Anna Sue
That looks like so much fun! We are wresting inside since it's kind of soggy outside.
You two aren't afraid to get dirty! Thank you for visiting our blog, we love to meet new friends.
You guys are so funny! Isn't it a relief to have a day warm enough to get outside? I'm glad you had a break in the weather..didja catch any mousies? Dr. Tweety wants to use'em in a pie!
Oh, that looks like fun, rolling in the dirt and wrestling! China Cat and I do that in our porch but it looks like more fun outside!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
Mom says that looks like Cleo and me wrestling. We can look at videos now since Mom has a faster internet service instead of dial up. Before she wouldn't try looking at videos cause they took so long to download. It was fun watching you two wrestle.

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