Friday, January 09, 2009


Saturday Snoozing

Bad Blogger wouldn't let me post my photo on Thursday, so mum said we had better try again today. It took ages to load but at least it worked this time.
I am dreaming of Temtayshuns and Stinky Goodness and all sorts of nice treats because mum is trying to starve me. She sez I have to lose at least the 2lbs I have put on since I was last weighed three months ago, but really she would like me to lose double that. I'll just waste away if she has her way.

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Eric even though your poundage is very manly, we wants you to be healthy too!! Maybe if you lose the treats, you could get more cuddles!!
aww Eric you has to be a big boy to frighten and guard your home.. and geezee lousie.. can't your Momma play with you to lose it rather than deprive a man of food.... sheesh...
HAHHA *whispers* has I made her feel guilty yet? did I do goof for ya buddie? :p heheheh

Poor Eric...we hate the idea of you being food deprived....

(Mom sez 2 pounds for a cat is like 10 pounds for a bean...)
um ... i think mi brudder mickey hazta go onna d-i-e-t too.
an i think he haz more dan 2 lbz. to looz.
jus sayin.
Wow, 2 pounds in 3 months does sound like a lot! We think it might just be your winter weight.
Dieting is tough, but we know you can do it!
Eric, I understand where you are at. My CatMom hasn't told me yet but I can see what is going on. She is cutting back on my treats too. I'm not liking it!
And Eric, I think you are great just the way you are.
She'd like for you to lose 4 lbs?!?! You'd be skin and bones!
Even at two pounds I think you will waste away! Don't let her do it!!!
Don't worry Eric!! It's the time of year.Happens all the time after the holidays,heehee
This will pass and she will get on to other things!!!
Purrs Mickey
I'm glad you were able to post that photo today, because it's a very cute one!
Eric you look so cute napping there, I hope you can loose that 2 lbs. so you can sometimes have Temtayshuns again.
2lb? How harsh! But Mom said better to be healthy ... although I'd rather be fat and happy! Mom said you can be skinny and happy though ...
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