Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Okay I give up, how many furries are in this picture? I am wishing all you a Happy New Year.
That looks very comfy!
Mmmmm. Snuggles!
Shhhh, have a nice cosy snozzzzzzz! See you in the New Year!!!
You live in the future so I am stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year Eve!!!! Wishing the best to you in 2009!
Yoo sure look cozy on dat vishus deer furs!
What a comfortable place to nap!
What a wonderful way to invite new year!
Happy New Years to you all on the farm. We hope 2009 brings you lots more sunbeams.

Julie and Poppy Q
Everytime I see that blanket, I drool uncontrollably.

Flynn, you are living life large, buddy!

We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
Is that your vishus deer blanket?? Oh it looks so comfy!

Happy New Year to you all!!
Wow! That looks real comfortable. Do you need us to come over to warm it more for you? Hehe :P

Happy New Year 2009! May 2009 be a happy and healthy year for everyone!

Lots of love,
Criz & the J Family Kitties
MMMMmmmmm - how comfy!
See you next year!
Now that's what I call primo chillaxin'!
I'm always so jealous of your snuggle spot. Sleep well into the New Year!

Oh Boy do you look so cosy!!! :))
I hope you are having wonderful sweet dreams :)

Ohhhhhh, what a wonderful blanket!
Happy New Year to al of you!
Awwwwww, such a comfy kitty! You look absolutely blissful.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Boys. Purrs FAZ
Happy New Year!
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
Purreee comfee.........

Happy New Year's Eve!

Wishing you a happy (and comfy) new year!
Oh, I could just kiss those widdle feetsies and that tum-tum ... but I won't because you look SOOOOO comfy!!!
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