Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

Who needs words when the newspaper says it all!

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We wish owr newsie papers used werd like that!!! That's funny!
~Meeko & Kiara
I didn't see you at first. Mum had to biggify the picture to see why it was "silly sod". They were talking about grass in this case! Better than being told to "sod off".
That's so funny! Flynn, that newspaper is blowing your cover.
Oh, that's funny! You look cute under there. :)
Are you absorbing all the news?
Excellent post of Wordless Wednesday!
Ahahaha! That's quite the headline for you to be under!
We wish we knew who the sod was since it can't be you Flynn.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Usually the news is something to stay on top of, Flynn!
T'is ye olde joke time...

what's black and white and orange all under...
Who's the sod, Flynn? Certainly not you!
You hit the headlines Flynn!

YOO is juss too cute furr werds...

Oh playin under papers is fun!
Hi Flynn, soooo that's what funny papers are...ha ha ha! Thanks for stopping by to greet me, my new name is TEAK=^Y^=the Cat Street Boys
You look sooo cute in there. I think you look proper, NOT silly. Now come out and come on over, the birthday party is ON!

Abby Normal
Flynn, Sunny plays that game, too. Except he does it to become invisible.
Oh gosh we didn't notice you under there until we read Derby's comment and went back & looked!! We even biggified the picture to read the print, and still did not see you!!!
Hahhah noooo, no silly sod.. but for sure Funny!!! It Made-ed the Momma giggle.. she wonders if we really can read after this!~ haha

Hi Flynn, you have a very nice cover hahaha Don't get recycled :-)
That's funny! Annie lufs noospaypers just like you do Flynnie!

Luf, Us
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