Saturday, December 20, 2008


Visiting Fev-vers

Mr. Woodpecker keeps coming to eat the peanuts that hang on our tree. He makes our teeth chatter.

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Neat, that woodpecker is sooo cool!
Mr. Woodpecker looks fun to watch.
OH wow! Does he makes the sounds like Woody?! that would be very much fun! :)
What makes our teeth chatter the most are any big black birds, magpies, crows, ravens.. you know.. we goes all wild like! :)

Mr Woodpecker looks tasty... ahem, I mean er, very beautiful, yes that's it, very beautiful, not tasty at all, oh no, no, no.

Wicked Wuudler
You wrote on our blog you had never heard of duckpin. Mom says that duckpin bowling is like tenpin, but with smaller balls and pins, and you get 3 balls instead of 2.
Here is a link:
It is a dying sport, sadly, but it is still popular in the northeast part of the US, especially Baltimore, where we live and where the variation is said to have originated.
Send Woody an invitation to dinner? We'll come too... and the human says she will happily include the "woody" who enjoys a tree outside her bedroom window, you know the one who wakes her up so so early each morning!
That woodpecker would be enough for both of you, dontcha think? hehehe!
I bet your teefs make as much noise as the woodpecker!

Purrs, Sukie x
That's not a woodpecker that's a foodpecker - get it? Happy Christmas lovely boys. FAZ
We watch our Woodpeckers, too. They beat their silly heads against everything, not just wood. Crazy birdies.
oh my handsum peanut buttur cupcake, ATTACK!!!

Yer girlie-girl kitty, Rosie
Mr. Woodpecker looks very tasty ;-)

In case you could not understand, that is my impersonation of Woody the Woodpecker.
mmmmm...that fev-ver looks most 'specially tasty. maybe you could start leaving the peanuts on the ground...when you're outside...?
This morning, Trixie was sound asleep in the window when she got attacked by a bird! It was outside and Trixie was inside.

We all got scared by it. The bird must have mistaken her for one of neighbourhood outdoor cats.

Trixie hid behind the curtain for ages!
Merry Christmas fromt he topcatrules girls, Trixie and Tigger and Pyewacket. :)
Oh look, a snack. Wonder how peanut stuffed woodpecker tastes?
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