Saturday, December 06, 2008


On the Scent.

We don't go out as much through the winter, toasting your toesies by the fire is much better. We still have to make the effort now and again though to make sure nothing has changed and to check the different smells.

Eric: After a quick walk around the field, we went into the barn and I could smell something on the plastic. I think it was only mice, but I put my scent on it just in case it was an introoder.

Then we walked in the grass along the outside of the barn. We thought we could smell something here. Flynn said he was on the trail.

Yes, there is definitely an introoder smell here. We keep telling mum something is digging it's way into the garden, but all she says is " What's up with you two. Why are you all poofed up?" Just wait until we catch it. That will show her there really is something out here.
The frosty grass has given us cold toesies, so we are going back to the fire to warm them up.

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Even though it is colder now, it is still important to watch your territory to remind any possible introoders that you still live there!
If anybody can git them evil introoders, we know that you guys can! We can't wait to see pictures when you nab 'em!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Stay in and stay warm!
That's a good job protecting your house from introoders, but be sure to stay warm.
I hope you get to go in and keep your toes warm after checking that out. I mean a little work does need to be rewarded after doesn't it?
Intruders!! Yikes.
It could be a MOLE, I'll come over and help you with the stamping!

That's a gorgeous set of pictures of you both out on your scent patrol.

Cold Toesies and introoders don't sound good at all. We hope you got properly rewarmed.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Even the weather doesn't keep you from checking for intruders. Now, that's dedication.
Good to see you two on patrol! You must stop the evil introoders...
It's nice to go hunting together. I bet you scared it away good!

Purrs, Sukie x
A Mighty Hunter's work is never done, even on the coldest of winter days! Our Grampy lit a fire in the fireplace early this morning and it's still crackling away, nice and toasty!
Looks like it is as cold and muddy there as it is here. PLEASE come and sort out our mice, Flynn, mum has got 8 different kinds of mousetrap in operation. She's electrocuted 4 this week. I think she gets some sort of sick pleasure out of it. But you would do a better job!

PS I am glad your Christmas card arrived!
Oh, I can see the grass is all frozen!
I wonder who the intruder is? It's good you two go out and brave and cold, to mark your territory.
What good kitties you are for inspecting the barn for introoders! Now get back inside and warm those toesies! :o)
Ouchies!! does the icy grass feel like little needles?
hahah Ohh imagien how many introoders there is going to be after winter is over without you both on a regular patrol?
fun fun fun!! :)

Good thing your mommie has you two to protect her from the evil intruders.
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