Monday, December 29, 2008


Mancat Monday

Thanks to Gandalf and Grayson for telling us how they do their collages.

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We luvs looking at the collages and creating them. You did a great job!
This is a very good graphic of you both~!
Just love it~
More for the space of one - must go and ask the GGs how to do it!
Oh look at all those mancats!
Your mousie hunting in the hay collage is awesome.
We love your collage - but we are even more excited about the fact you live so near us ... we hadn't realised. Mom said dartmoor is beautiful ... and she and dad love to walk there sometimes.
We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Milo & Alfie xx
Momma says hay is very spiky.. I do not think I would like to play in a barn, but I don't have to a cause I can do it virtually through you two... my buddies :)))

That is a great barn collage! I would enjoy a run through the hay right about now!!!

Purrs Goldie
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Yay! Great job! Aren't collages the best? We just love them! Of course, for the full effect you simply must bigify them!

We do our mewsings in Photobucket ( Mom loves Picasa and Photobucket!
We love your Barn Collage. We love seeing you mooching about in that barn. I miss barns. Fulla mice and shrews and voles and oh, oh, ohhhh memories!

Catch a mouse for me lads!

Whicky Wuudler
great jobbie!!
Cool collage! We wish we had a barn to play in!

More Eric and Flynn...we lubs it!

wow brudderz ... i'd like to hav sum mancat fun today ...
instead ...
That's a cool collage. I like how your furs and the hays go good together.
Love the collage! I'd love to play with you in that barn!
What a neat set of pictures!
Oh that's a cool collage! I think I would like to play in a barn!

Purrs, Sukie x
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