Monday, December 22, 2008


Mancat Monday

A mancat must always be alert listening for strange noises.

Even when you take a bath you must still be on your guard. This is all part of a Mancat's job.

Sometimes it can be tiring, but you can never sleep although it is okay to rest your eyes sometimes.

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flynn you are really doing a great mancat job there!

smiles, auntie bee
Very sweet .. We love naps also!

The Whippy Curly Tails
You may be resting your eyes, but your ears are awake! Listening for any thing you have to take care of.
You are doing an excellent job. I think it is okay to rest your eyes like that.
Flynn, yoo is a gud mancat fer being able to nap but also hear fer introoders.
Wow - it's a lot of work to be a mancat. We had no idea ... we only have girl cats in our house ;)
You are doing lots of great work Flynn~!!
A good quality nap is needed after all :)
heheh Flynn in the first picture it looks like you is snickering at your Momma.. it is so cute!eerrr man catly! of course! :)
You are very right, we must never sleep, just rest our weary little eyes :)

Another reason to keep your ears primed is that there might be the sound of cat dishes being filled with fuuds. That last picture is stunning!

Whicky Wuudler
Nice work!
Flynn you are the perfect example of mancatliness this Monday, even with your eyes shut.
Excellent post! Excellent Mancat.
Hahaha! Flynn, a mancat's job is never easy!
He not only looks manly, but intelligent, too.

I would like to see the dreams that take place behind those eyelids.
We are in lub wif yoo...


Yoo are such a handsum mancat...

Mancats are on call 24/7. Flynn, you do us Mancats proud!

Being a watch kitty is soooo much hard work!
I can tell you are just resting your eyeballs, not sleeping there.
You two make really good guard cats! Keep up the good work!
Great job keepin' and ear out, Flynn! I do the same thing.

Being alert is important to a mancat. You never known when you might encounter an evil intruder, or your brother might seek up on you!

PS: The last photo of you is wonderful, Flynn.
What a cute sleeping photo!
You are such an alert mancat. Sleep? Never, just letting the lids have a rest!
You are doing a great job being a Monday ManCat Flynn although you look kind of angry in the first picture. Sure hope something didn't upset you. Guess you fixed it by closing your eyes.

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