Monday, December 15, 2008


Mancat Monday

Some of you were saying what a fun place we had to play in. It is actually our safe enclosure that used to go on the outside of the window so we could go out and get fresh air when mum wasn't able to take us for walks. As some of you know, we had a big purrizen fence put all the way around our garden just over a year ago. This means we can go in and out as much as we want, whenever we want, and mum doesn't have to spend as much time taking us for walks. Now the enclosure is left in the garden for us to play and sunbathe on. It still gets used when the Beans go on holiday though. Dad made a cat door in the garage/workshop for us and the enclosure is bolted to the garage wall. This means we can still get out in the sun,(or rain) when we are purrizeners. Our plant pots get put in there as well so we can nap in them or on our shelf.
I think that sitting on the ladder like this shows off my Mancatlyness, even if Eric does call me a poser.

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You do look very mancatly sitting on your ladder!
You look like you are doing a fine mancat job of keeping a look out there on your ladder.
That is a very studly pose Flynn, I think maybe Eric is just a little bit envious :)Though I am sure he can pose just as well.. I know you sent Mushkas heart a little flutter :)
That is such a wonderful idea a safe place, I am sure that one day when we get out own house that will be one of the first things Momma builds for us :)

Great idea! You two can be outside and play but also be safe!
I know you two are excited about CCSI IV. Yes it is tomorrow for you but not for me yet. We will air eastern standard time on Monday maybe mid to late morning. Which will be late afternoon for you. Be sure to stop by.
Dearest Flynn, womens of the Whiskers and Purrs Gang are all droolin' are H.O.T.!!! Dang!

We think Eric is handsome, too, but you have really got it goin' on in that picture!

Very truly yours,
The Womens of the Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Our mom hopes we can have these type of things when we have our own house. It seems pretty awesome to have a safe place to go.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: you two have The Life.
You do look quite handsome and mancatly sitting on the ladder. Your mum and dad are so nice to have built you the safe enclosure and then the purrizen fence so you can play outdoors and still be safe. You are so lucky!
You've got some very smart beans to design those areas for you!
We think Eric probably meant poser in the nicest possible way, Flynn.

We wish we'd had an enclosure like yours when we lived in Florida and could not go outside.
You two definitely have THE LIFE!
That is a great spot for mancat like you play and stay!
You're so lucky to have such a place!
You guys sure has a lovely prison. What is the food like?
Gosh you guys are so well catered for! You have trained your humans extremely well, I am very impressed with their work on the fence and the grand enclosure!

Happy Monday

Whicky Wuudler
That enclosure is a pawsome place to play and watch the world...almost like being outside...but not....
Can I come visits? YOO both have da gratest place!

That is a grand safe place! I think it would be fun to play in.

Purrs, Sukie x
That picture belongs on a cat calendar!
You are the luckiest Mancats we know! If our Mum ever goes to Ireland again, she's taking us and dropping us off at your house on the way.
That is QUITE the mancatly pose!
With that ladder-climbing stunt, you could be a Circus cat! If you wanted to.
Heh heh! A poser! How funny!

Luf, Us
Hi Flynn...

You know I loves me some ginger boys -- and you look so handsome on that ladder.

Pumpy got a bag of cheese stuck on his head tonight. This will be posted in an upcoming blog entry. I mention this because you just don't look like the kind of man cat who would get his head stuck in a bag of cheese.

Looking good, Flynn.

ox, Pearl.
WoW! That would be pawsome!

You do look furry Mancatly in that picture, Flynn! Is hard to keep your balance on there!
I'm sure Eric only meant that in a nice way. Look at how handsome you are up there :-D
Flynn, nice pose pal. How come you don't slide down? Don't hurt yourself.

Worried wags, Eric xxx
You look very very cool and mancatly!
I love your little outdoor enclosure. Mom wants a screened-in porch for her (and us). I don't know how I missed the post with you in the pots from June, but those are some great pictures, and perfect napping spots.
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