Monday, December 08, 2008


Mancat Monday

Me and my furrend Mr. Fox sharing a quiet corner together.

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Dearest Eric,
You skeerted us half to death...we had to biggify your picture to see if Mr. Fox was real. relieved we are he is not!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Watch your back, Eric! I'm not totally convinced that Mr. Fox isn't real...
I think the fox is afraid of you. he looks absolutely petrified (literally).
Oh Eric you haz a Foxie as your fuuriend?!?!? My Momma is so jealous she loves foxes, she thinks they are super cute and they cute wiley ways.
That is so neat! Maybee you can introduce us one day? :))

You are brave to be so close to Mr. Fox. He does look real!
Oah Hey~!
You are so much stronger than that Mr. Fox~!! What a strong mancat you are, Eric~
So, what are you two planning?
OMC! For just a second we thought Mr. Fox was real!
Holy crow, Eric!!! I almost soiled my floofy pants there!!!!!!

.....keep aw y from the foxies!....
We know it's a dumb fox that takes on a cat. I think this particular fox is safe from you though Eric.

Happy & warm Monday to ya!

Whicky Wuudler
Ha ha! I thought, for a minute, that the fox was real!!! MB says that foxes are lovely creatures, but she doesn't think a cat (or chickens) should get too close!
Thank you guys for leaving me such a wonderful comment about my surgery. With all the purring that is coming my way I am feeling really optimistic about the outcome. I recieved my Christmas card in the mail the other day and I just love it! Thank you again.

And Eric, I wish I could just bury my face in that cute squishy tummy of yours! I love that picture.
Oh deeer! This fox mite git u! Watch out!

Luf, Us
wow, we thoughted that was a real fox for a minute!
Holy smokes, Eric! I thought that fox was real for a minute there! Whew!


Watch out dar is a fox tryin to make a sneak attack on yoo...quick Eric run away...don't let him git yoo...oh lettme biggiefy dis pixchuir...noo wait one sec...oh Eric dat is a concreet fox him is not dan-jurr-ous. *whew* We wuz werried when we saw dat fox so close too yoo...

carry on...

Great hiding place Eric!
Eric, Mom says that in this photo you look an awful lot like the cat statue she has in her office to hold open the door! That fox fooled us for a minute!
Eric, you is bigger den dat Mr. Fox, you could take him! Put the whappies on him!

Whew, dude, we thawt dat fox was real at furst! Speedy sez to bite it's nose and see if it has a creamy center...he's weerd.
That sneaky fox better not be eating up all the rodents in the yard. We bet you two eat way more than he does!
Oh, my heart raced for just a second when I thought the fox was REAL!
I think it's great you have your friend, Mr. Fox, to help you guard against intruders!
Oh, my Mom would love a foxy statue like that for the front of our place. Since we have moved to a new place we don't get to see foxies, deer, turkeys or raccoons anymore so she has bought statues of deer and a raccoon. Now she is looking for the foxy. Looks like a nice corner for a quiet time.

Wow, Mr. Fox looks so real! But you two make a good couple ;-)
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