Friday, December 19, 2008


The Friday Flashback

Flynn has had the last two Friday Flashbacks so it is my turn today.
It should be from October 2006 but the Beans were away most of the month so we didn't have many posts to choose furrom. This post is another one furrom September instead. Next week we will go on to November.


Well I've tried to ignore Bella Jellycat, but she keeps trying to make friends wiv me, an she hasn't pinched my Stinky Goodness or been sleeping in the best places so..........

Maybe she's not so bad after all

In fact she makes a good pillow.

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Dearest Eric,
We think Bella Jellycat is a very lucky toy girlcat to have such a handsome mancat to snuggle with.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
That is so sweet!
That is so adorable!
You are just so so cute, Eric~!!!
I love that photo that you think Bella as a pillow~! Very adorable!
It's great to see the 2 of you getting on so well... Bella seems to be a fine companion.
So, is that Bella Jellycat still around? Do you still sleep with her?

Eric, my mom is makin' those squealy noises again. STOP THAT!
Oh what a lovely pillow she makes.
Oh my goodness! Yes that's a perfect pillow - you're so lucky!
Should you come to visit us in Alaska, Eric can use Bella Jellycat for a pillow and I will use Eric.

We will all sleep very good!
Bella Jellycat looks like a cushy, comfy, orinch pillow! Do you still have her?
Awww. That is way too cute!

Luf, Us
My Momma has gone all googoo eyes ofur yoo and dis pixchur. She says dat is soooo cute...well I fink yoo are soooo cute.

Bella Jellycat looks like a great friend!
Awwww...we thinks that picture is so furry cute! Eric, you and Bella are such good furiends! And Bella makes for a purrty good pillow too!
It's good to have soft buddies who won't eat your foods.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Bella Jellycat looks like a nice friend. And pillow.
Eric, that second picture is darling!!
I'd haff to give her a few bunnykikks jes to see if she's a good sport. Happy Krissmiss yoo guys!
Awww! I hope you, your co-pets, beans and Bella have a great holiday season and a happy new year!
Every mancat needs a jelly friend Eric. Is Bella Jellycat still around?

Whicky Wuudler
aww aww Eric.. you is the sweetest man cat!
She looks so soft and cuddly!
Momma is melted, I must go scoop her off the floor! :)

Ahh...Eric, that is such a cute picture of you hugging Bella Jellycat! She looks like a good friend, especially if she lets you use her as a pillow.
Aw,,so cute. Mom is making those cooing mewing noise too!! Wiry wags, Eric xxxx
That's just so adorable!
Oh, Eric, those are such sweet pictures of you and Bella Jellycat :-) I love her colors.
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