Friday, December 05, 2008


Friday Flashback - Flynn the Hunter

This week's Friday Flashback comes from 25th August 2006 and shows my love of hunting.

Come on effurrybody. I've got supper furr us. Hope effurryone likes mole!!

Yep it's dead. Those vishus deer had better watch out. I's afraid of nuffin!!

Come on mum, get the barbecue lit, let's get it cooked.

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Oh wow, what a good hunter you are!!
We got your card today, and we fank you very much!
Nuffin better than cooking mole on da grill!
You are a great hunter. I only ever get mice. Got one the other day and present it to SS, without its head. Must have bitten it off in my excitement.
WOW! Flynn yoo gets yer mom to barbecue it too? NOM NOM NOM
Mmmm. We bet BBQ moles is very tasty!
That's a tasty flashback!
Ha ha! Mitzi hunts but she doesn't wait to cook them he he!

We got your card yesterday, thank you very much ;O)

P.S. MB says she bets your mum laughed when she found the fevvers in the tree!

Purrs, Sukie x
Don't roast yourself! My card arrived today, thanks!
Yum! Barbeque mole sounds delicious!
We don't know what's best, playing with food or actually eating it! What's your opinion? Judging from your picture, we think maybe the GETTING of it is best!

Abby & Stygia
OOOh, mole!! That is a delicacy for us. The most exotic we get is chipmunk.
LOLOL FLYNN!!! wat to go buddie and enough for evryboddie..
PES: I likes it even more coz you should see Momma having little mouth upchucks hahah

We remember that post. You are such a good hunter Flynn. We hope you get warmer weather soon.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
YAY MOLE! My favourite!

Flynn you are a mighty hunter indeed. Vishus deer everywhere are quaking in their hooves when you are out on the hunting trail.

Nice of your Mum to BBQ the mole for you. I hope you stamped on it a bit first to tenderise it hehe!

Have a great weekend!

Whicky Wuudler
Medium rare please!
Wow! I have only had mine frais.

Toasted sounds rather elegant.

Purrs Goldie
Mmmmm....barbeque mole....sounds tasty!
What a great hunter you are!

I got your card today and was thrilled. Hopefully, you will get mine soon.
Yummy tummy! What a grate beeyoutiful hunter you is!

Luf, Us

Whoa can we come over and hunt with you?

Did it taste good and did you use any special marinades? You are a pawesome hunter! Moles must be very difficult prey as they live mostly underground. I'm impressed! :) xxx
What a good hunter you are! Mommy said she also loves to look through old pictures of us! :-)
We like our moles well done with lots of barbeque sauce.

Thank you for your Christmas card! Mom is gonna get us a special scrapbook to keep the ones we get from our CB friends.
Flynn, you are an excellent hunter! Does mole taste better grilled or fresh?
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