Friday, December 26, 2008


The Friday Flashback - Checking Holes

This week's Friday Flashback is from November 2006.
One thing we haf noticed is how much our spelling has impurroved since we started blogging. Mum told us we had to be more careful with our spelling, but we think it wuz because she found when she wuz emailing friends, she wuz starting to spell like us and had to check everything carefully. She wuz worried that one day she might send the bank manager or somebody like that a letter wiv bad spelling. We still make some mistakes, but hey, we're cats. What duz she expect, miracles?


Efurry day we haf to check out all the holes in the feelds to see if theer is enny one home. This is a bunny's hole, but I can't see him.

I'll just put my arm down an see if I can feel ennyfing.........
Nope, no-one at home. I wunder if Eric is haffing better luck.

Theer's a ratty livs in this hole. He goes in the horsie stables an steals theer food and takes it down heer. Don't fink he's home either.

Mr.Bunny lives in this hole.Wunder how far I can get in wivout getting stuck.


You're spelling has improved a great deal, boys! Spell check is also a very wonderful tool!

We sure wish we had bunny holes to check, because that would mean we had bunnies! hahaha!
i would be to askarid to go in that hole! you are very brave!

smiles, auntie bee
Checking Holes is a very important job... it looks like fun, too! Hey, Merry Christmas to you two and your family. I hope you had a good one!
Very cool holes there!
I can't believe nobody was home. The bunnies and rats are going to be so sad they missed you.
yoo are defunatlie my cinnimun hot bun hubby!! Keep checking fur critters and taking pikturs of yooin akshun!!!! Whoohooo!!!

Yer gurl, Rosie
heheh Momma has found that she i stalking and spelling everything like I do!! oh ah!
heheh I haves never seen holes before, that was fun to go virtual hole hunting with you today.. bunny, rat and those kind of holes!! ;)

No bunny or rat is safe with you two checking out da holes so thoroughly. We love seeing you do this stuff. Two mighty hunters!

Happy digesting on Boxing Day!

Whicky Wuudler
I'm just sorry no one was home!
That sure looks like fun checking out all those holes!
We all fink yoo spel juss fine!


Ooooh! Ginger bums! Mum says 'SQUEEEE'!
We wish our Devon friends a happy boxing day. Toby thinks that means he gets to sleep in all the holiday boxes and wraps...
Our daughterbean was driving to work one day and said she needed to delete the rain from her windshield.

We like your spelling and your adventures!
~ The Bunch
You are brave to stick your paw down that hole when you don't know what could be down there!

ps: My Mommie accidentally said "oh noes!" to somebody once.
Be careful you don't get stuck in any of those holes!
Wow, we don't even think Zippy goes around poking her legs into holes...we know whatcha mean about da spelling, mom hasta check her emails fur cat spelling alla time.
You were very brave to put your head and paws inside a dark hole.
You two lead such interesting lives!

My mom finds that she says things like "Luxor's furs" to people and they look at her kinda funny! ;-)
We don't have any holes to look down - but mom and the boys found a trapdoor spider in the lawn and they got to look down the hole at the spider.
Checking holes is a very important job .. and you boys do it very well!
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